8 Ball Pool Long Line Hack Mod Apk Download

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  1. 8 Ball Pool Long Line Hack Mod Apk Download Full
  2. 8 Ball Pool Long Line Hack Mod Apk Download
  3. 8 Ball Pool Long Line Hack Mod Apk Download Free

Download 8 Ball Pool Mod v5.0.0 Apk unlimited everything, long line mode. Download 8 Ball Pool Mod v5.0.0 Apk unlimited everything, long line mode. It will help you to win every match.

Download 8 Ball Pool Mod Apk with Extended Stick Guideline where there are a chance of winning the game easily in any board like no guideline and 9 Ball.

Game Name8 Ball Pool Mod Apk
Latest Version5.2.1
Released On23 January 2013
Updated On26 November 2020
Supported On4.4 and up
ModeOnline and Offline
Size66 MB

Table of Contents

  • 2 All Board on 8 Ball Pool
  • 7 Game Experience of 8 Ball Pool in Android
  • 8 Download 8 Ball Pool Mod 5.2.1 Apk Long Lines 2020

Features of 8 Ball Pool Game for Android

The best Pool game ever created for Android is 8 ball pool with lots of features where you can practice offline mode or challenge your friends or other legends in multiplayer.

In this pool game, you can compete for 1 on 1 or play a Tournament to triple your money and coins. There are lot’s of features available in this game and they are –

  • You can connect this with your Facebook Account or create a Miniclip id to save your game stats. The best feature is you can play this game as a Guest mode and no need to register. But all your level will be deleted if you uninstall the game. Basically to play this game using Facebook id is recommended so that you could show your profile picture to other players when you play the game. Otherwise, you could not use your custom picture in the game.
  • You can join a club or create a club of your own where you can request a gift or give a gift to other players who join your club. It could be helpful to get some extra coins from others if you are a beginner.
  • If you have connected this game with facebook Id you can send coins and receive coins from your friend. It’s too easy to send coins to your 50 friends at a time. The received coin will increase as you level up.
  • In this game, you can see which Facebook friend is online and challenge them directly and play with them easily. Also, it shows friends of friends to challenge.
  • There are total 6 mainboard – Play 1 on 1, Championship, Play Special, Play 9 Ball, Play Mini Games, Play with Friends and Practice Offline. I will describe all of that briefly to give you a prior knowledge so that you know the game.
  • Every time you finish a successful game you will receive a ring, coins, XP and a Box from the board. The box contains some coins and Cue pieces. The coin, XP, and box gifts increase when you play on a big board. But to open a box you need around 3 hours, 8 hours and 12 hours. You can open a box immediately using cash. But it is not recommended if you are not 8 ball pool mod Apk.
  • Also In this game, there has a section Free Rewards where you can get Free coins, Free Cash by watching Ads Video. You will also find Daily challenge, by completing the daily challenge you will get Prize Coins. After completing one you need some time to get another challenge.
  • When you start 8 ball bool game for the first time you will get a Cue for free. But you can buy a new one from the Cue section. It will effect on game performance if you buy a good Cue. Getting a legendary Cue or upgrading old one will improve shot performance. Buy cue which – Force, Aim, Spin and Time is minimum 2 or 3 will be the best choice.
  • When you go to a bigger board you will get new rules of playing 8 Ball Pool and I will describe them later.

As I described there are 6 Board on 8 ball pool and on every board, there is so many sub-board where you can play to other players. Read a short description of them before playing –

Play 1 on 1

Here you will get lot’s of the board and here some common board description for the beginners –

  • All In Lounge Double your coins ( Minimum Stake 1000 ) – The main rule of this game is you have to beat your opponent twice in a row. You can double your coins or lose them all in this board, so before playing be sure what you are doing.
  • DownTown London Pub ( Prize – 100 ) – Entry fee of this board is 50 coin and if you win you will get 100 coins and a Gift Box. This game Runs on Standard Rules.
  • Sydney Marina Bar ( Prize – 200 ) – Entry fee is 100 coin and when you win you will get 200 coins and a Gift Box. This game also runs Standard Rules.
  • Moscow Winter Club ( Prize – 1000 ) – Entry fee is 500. On the victory, you will receive 1000 coins and a Box. The main rule is you have to Call Pocket on 8 Ball.
  • Tokyo Warrior Hall ( Prize – 5000 ) – Entry fee is 2500 coin. You will get 5000 coins if you win the match. And the rule is you have to call a pocket on 8 Ball.
  • Las Vegas Full House ( Prize – 20000 ) – Entry fee of this board is 10000 and you will get 20000 coins after complete successfully. But from here the Rule Starts becoming hard and you have to Call Pocket on every shot.
  • Jakarta Volcano ( Prize – 100000 ) You have to spend 50000 Coin to enter this board and you will get 100000 coins and a Gift Box if you win. The Rule of this board is you have to call pocket on every shot.

There are other Board like – Monte Carlo ( Exclusively for Pro Members ), Toronto Maple Suite, Cairo Kasbah, Dubai Golden Challenge which runs on the same rule as a described on Jakarta Volcano. If you reach here you will understand basic and advance rules of this game to play comfortably. So I will not talk more about this board anymore. Let’s dive into the next one.

Play Special

8 Ball Pool Long Line Hack Mod Apk Download

There’s another game mode called Play Special and in this section, there is two game mode available to play – 1. Play Tournament, and 2. No Guideline. Let’s see what’s inside there.

  1. Play Tournament – In the tournament mode, you will see 5 board to play – Barcelona Palace ( Entry fee 200 coins and Prize 1000 coins ), Buenos Aires 9 Ball ( Entry fee 500 coins and Prize 2500 coins ), Rio Carnival ( Entry fee 3000 coins and Prize 18000 coins ), Amsterdam Night Lounge ( Entry fee 5000 coins and Prize 30000 coins ), and Singapore Dragon ( Entry fee 10000 coins and Prize 60000 coins ). The rules to play this game is like 1 on 1.
  2. No Guideline – In this mode you won’t find any guideline to map and shoot. So you have to spend some gaming skill to win a match. In this game mode, you will find 2 Stages – Beijing No GuideLines Paradise and Istanbul No GuideLine 9 Ball. You can bet 100 Coins to 10M coins on those two stages.

Play 9 Ball

In this mode, there is a total of 3 cities available to play 9 Ball where you have to shoot the lowest number of a ball in the pocket. If you pot 9 ball using lowest number ball you will win. Here are the city name – Miami Beach 9 Ball, Dallas Rodeo, Istanbul No Guideline 9 Ball. On all the city you can bet 100 coins to 10M coins and all your coins will be doubled.

Play Minigames

Basically, you can call it games or a way to win unlimited coins and Cue. Here you will find 4 options – Surprise Boxes, Spin and Win, Scratch and Win and Hi-Lo. Let’s see them in details to understand them.

  • Surprise Boxes – In this section, you will get Rare Box, Epic Box, and Legendary Box to unlock and win cues, coins, and mini-games. To buy one of them you have to use the money you earned when you leveled up.
  • Spin and Win – Here you have to spin and you can win Coins, Rare Box, Scratcher, Epic Box, and Legendary Box. You will get 1 free spin every day for free. If you have VIP Badge you have a chance of getting more coins from here.
  • Scratch and Win – Here you have to match 3 scratch cards for grand prize up to 250K. There is a chance of getting a free scratch from Surprise Boxes and Spin otherwise you have to spend real money on it.
  • Hi-Lo – Hi-Lo is the most costly and interesting game among them. To start this game you have to use game money – 2 money to Win up to 250K, 4 money Win Up to 500K and 8 money to win up to 1M.

Play Offline

There is another Game Mode Play Offline, where you can play 8 Ball Pool Offline and without an internet connection. There is 2 game mode on this – Pass n’ Play and Play Quick Fire. Let’s see how to play those 2 games.

  • Pass n’ Play – Entry fee is 25 coins where you can play with your friends offline but you need your friend with you. You won’t get any coins even when you won or lose.
  • Play Quick Fire – The main goal of this game is you have to pot as many balls as you can before the time runs out. You have to keep in mind that pot any ball will give 100 points and +50 no cushions + 10 Seconds. Pot the white ball will – 30 seconds penalty and decrease multiplier by 0.5 and consecutive pot 5 balls will increase the multiplier by 0.5.

Also Download Doodle Army 2 – Mini Militia Mod Apk Developed by Miniclip.

Game Experience of 8 Ball Pool in Android

In this digital age, there are lots of game available for Android. Some of them are good and some of them are not worthy to play. But the Developer Miniclip has made new quality games and change the decade of game experience in Android. And 8 Ball Pool is the live example where you will enjoy real life pool game experience.

8 Ball Pool Long Line Hack Mod Apk Download Full

  • Control – Control system easy to play even you use Android Mobile or Tablet. An 8 years old child can control and play this game which I liked most.
  • Graphics – You will get real-life game experience by playing this game. It’s completely 3D and Super High-Quality games ever made where there is no fault in graphics.
  • Sound – There is no background music in this game. Because background music could occur problem on concentrating on the game. But all the action sounds will impress you when you play the games.
  • Board – As I mentioned on the top there are tons of board available to play. Also, you can play this game with your friends and even offline. You can play this game for years without getting bored.

As this is High-Quality Games, you need minimum 1GB RAM and 300MB Free Space to run this game. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to play this game without lag.

There are total 2 type mode available around the internet – one is the mega mod with extended stick guideline ( guideline is bigger ) with unlimited money ( you can’t use the money ) and another is Extended Stick Guideline ( guideline is small ). If you download Mega mod apk then there is a chance of getting banned from the game and is not safe if you love to play this game. So I will provide you only Extended Stick Guideline where the guideline is not so big but here there is no chance of getting banned. You can play it without any worry and 100% Antiban without cheat detection.

8 Ball Pool Long Line Hack Mod Apk Download

Download 8 Ball Pool Mod 5.2.1 Apk Long Lines 2020

8 Ball Pool Long Line Hack Mod Apk Download Free

Note: This antiban is only for 1 to 3 days. Do not exceed this time limit, there is a huge chance of getting ban. Subscribe to our Official YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/c/droidsignal to get more mod android games and apps.