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Posted : admin On 21.09.2021

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Thissoftware has been made to help Bitefight Bot users to play for them when theyare busy and don't want to be left behind in game.

This Bot can play Story, and takedecisions that you want it to take. Can attack other players that you want toattack, with black/white list. You can also use this bot to do Grotte, HumanHunt and do attacks on House Of Paine.

Why is this Bot so awesome? Because it isvery powerfull, fast and best of all: nondetectable.

Good, now that we know how to read Cookie, all we need toknow is which cookie to read. So, in this example I will show for Chrome, allothers goes the same.

This is the main page of the ChromeCookieViewer:

Now, we have to press Ctrl+F and search for theserver we have account on (eg: and hit Enter or pressthe button Find Next after that if you are logged in game, it willselect a cookie, with server you searched. If this cookie has the Name SID,then it's the Cookie we are looking for. So now we double click on theselected Cookie, select value and then:

Copy on Cookie Viewer:

And then Paste it on Bot program:

Good, know we have linked ouraccount with Bitefight Bot. This settings are valid until you logoutfrom the game. If you want to edit this profile, select the profile, and thenpress the button Edit. You can also delete a profile by selecting theitem to be deleted and the press Delete button.

If you are logged out from game,when you open the Bot, this means that browser value, from Bot software, is notvalid anymore (probably your browser has been updated). You have to write thebrowser again, as mentioned before.

There is no limit on profiles.You can create as many as you want.

If you click on top of this page `Show decisions` or Google Docs decisions table you will find almost all decisions with numbers and effects received by choosing them.

Priorities & BlackList for Gold &Aspect Nature:




Priorities & BlackList for Gold &Aspect Destruction:



Priorities & BlackList for Gold &Aspect Order:



In order to buy this softwareyou must have an PayPal account. Enter on website - You findthere an option Period (1/2/5 Months with prices for each) and a boxwhere you have to enter the Registry information. This is a code, uniquegenerated for each computer, that Bot use to identify and give you access. Youcan find this code on main page of the program:

Bitefight Hack Download Minecraft

After you've done this, pressthe button Buy Now and you will be redirected yo PayPal page where youwill finish the payment.