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Last updated September 4, 2020.

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  • Golgothaa game of interstellar exploration and scavenging

A page for The Black Hack by David Black.
My review is here.

Don’t forget to check the SRDfor free material and translations into other languages.

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Black Squad Hacks Free Download

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Many thanks to Brett Slocum for reformatting this list.

  • 3RD Party TBHguidelines for using the OGL for 3rd party products, high res logos can be found here
  • Additional Things (FREE)variants, alternatives and optional rules
  • David Black’s blogadditional thoughts (i.e. about guns and ammo)
  • Squarehex shopwhere you can get the paper version
  • The Black Hack Sorrowset & GM’s Screenan urban micro-setting and a GM screen in PDF format
  • The Black Hackthe game in PDF from DTRPG
  • Catacombs of the Invigorating Dirge (1 Page Dungeon) (FREE)by Michael Raston
  • Noises in the Old Theatreadventure and quick-start ruleset for The Indie Hack (TIH)
  • Prisoners of the Gelatinous Dome (FREE)a one-page dungeon by Jeff Call
  • Solo-HACK-tastic!a four level dungeon of solo adventuring action, requires ‘The Black Hack’ core rules
  • Swords Against Chaos Part 1: Crimson Curseadventure for 1st level characters
  • The Black Sword of Shem (FREE)Conan-inspired adventure by Brian Wille
  • The Cthulhu Hack: The Dark Broodadventure for The Cthulhu Hack
  • The Cthulhu Hack: The Haunter of the Darkadventure for The Cthulhu Hack
  • The Cthulhu Hack: Thro' Centuries Fixedadventure for The Cthulhu Hack
  • The Goblin Gambit - The Black Hack versionadventure for 3-4 low level characters
  • The Solo Hack11 solo adventures
  • They Met In A Tavern (PWYW)adventure with pregens
  • A Hack of Classseven lightweight classes: Assassin, Bard, Druid, Illusionist, Monk, Paladin, and Ranger; by Brett Slocum
  • Clever Title Using Hack & Classeight new character classes
  • Gnome and Human Race and Wizard Class for Barrowmaze The Black Hack (FREE)by Mike Evans
  • More classes and articles by Joel Priddy (FREE)Buck Roger classes, Ray Guns and more
  • Runecaster (FREE)custom class by Dave Sealy
  • Skills and Classes from 5e (FREE article)by John Payne
  • Subclasses for The Black Hack (FREE)a quick conversion of Dyson Logos' random subclasses to The Black Hack by Dave Bendit
  • The Arcane Warrior: A Warrior/Conjuror for Elves (FREE)by Brett Slocum
  • The Class Hack 2: Eclectic Boogaloo15 Additional Traditional and Racial Classes
  • The Class Hack10 additional Classes inspired by the Original 1970’s game
  • The Eight of Wands: A Class Hack for The Black Hackeight alternative character classes inspired by 5e
  • The Guild Dog character class (FREE)randomly generated murder hobo by Michael Raston
  • The Hubris Alchemist- Black Hack’d (and new Alchemical items) (FREE)a new class
  • The Low Hack (FREE)low fantasy classes for TBH by Klint Finley
  • The Race Hackadditional classes
  • The Summoner (FREE)by John Payne
  • The Zealot (FREE class)by Klint Finley
  • TheStreamlife Class Hacks (FREE)10+ class hacks
  • Unofficial DCCRPG Hack (FREE)by Chris Wolf
  • Warriors V2.0 - Now with Feats! (FREE)feats for the Warrior class; by Ava/sh I.
  • 1-page TBH Rules (FREE)by Steven Muchow
  • Background table (FREE)by Tore Nielsen
  • Black Hack Boons (FREE)a simple system for character customization by Thiago Abdulmassih
  • Black Hack and Slashadds options for combat, four modular ections (Combat Stances, Combat Options, Weapon Qualities, and Combat Manuevers) with a list of sample weapons
  • David Schirduan’s supplements (FREE)The Black Hack one-page reference
  • Henchmen house rulesby Chris C.
  • Jeff Call’s TBH stuff (FREE)classes, house rules etc.
  • Mass Combat for The Black Hack (FREE)by John Payne, here are more thoughts
  • SKYSKIMMER (FREE)intergalactic fantasy setting for TBH
  • Strange Powers (FREE article)level-less spellcasting list
  • TBH Armor Hack (FREE) by Jeff Callsystem to replace the armor points with a reduction die
  • TBH Level Zero Funnel (FREE)by Mike Evans
  • The Knack Hackthree skill systems
  • The Unearthed Hacka collection of variants and extras that includes rules for Character vs Character combat, new armor types, and adding non-human races as special features of a class, or as stand alone classes (Elf, Dwarf, Halfling, Bugbear, Frogling).
  • Wham Krak Swish (PWYW)simple combat add-on by Norbert Matausch
  • Black Hack (Cyber) Bestiary (FREE)expanded bestiary for cyberpunk Black Hack games, featuring Sewer Gators, Vice Cops, Juicers and more by Richard Balmer
  • Bladimir Bartholomew’s Binder of Bestial Beasties - For The Black Hackmonster manual
  • Creature Feature Quarterly vol.1 (Black Hack Edition)13 new monsters with an OSR feel for your Black Hack game by Jeremy Hart
  • Fuzion Monsters (FREE)by Michael Raston, plus a method to create own monsters
  • The Beast Hack60 monsters
  • The Drac Hacka creature list
  • The Zombie Hack: SCRATCHER ZOMBIES (PWYW)a new zombie type for The Zombie Hack
  • Cthulhu Hack character sheet (FREE)by Mez Toons
  • Functional Half-Letter Character Sheets (FREE)by Dylan Ross
  • Google Sheets character record for playing over Hangouts (FREE)by Dylan Ross
  • Pocketmod Character Sheet (FREE)by Nathan Treme
  • TBH Pocketmod charactersheet (FREE)by Ben Patterson
  • Paizo-inspired Pregen Characters (FREE)by Josh Mannon
  • Random Character Generator (FREE)by David Johnston
  • Starting Gear generator (FREE)by Mike Evans
  • The NPC Hacka collection of 40 Non-Player Characters for use with TBH
  • Weapon and Armor Generator for Sword and Sorcery (or Sword and Planet) for Black Hack (and other systems) (article, FREE)by Mike Evans
  • The Black Hack SRD (FREE), available in English and other languagescurated by Bruno Bord
  • Black Hexes (Volume 1)expands on the basic toolkit of the Hex Hack by adding in encounters, mini-adventures, fiction and full scenarios, including one for level 10 PCs
  • The Hex Hacksandbox campaign supplement
  • - The Black Hack versionCyberpunk source material
  • TBH Combat Calculator (FREE)by Robin Bagust
  • TBH Custom Screen (FREE)by Jake Parker
  • The Black Hack Google+ community(of course it’s free')
  • The Black Hackzetteerunofficial zine for TBH
  • The Item Hackcollection of magical items
  • Tiddlywiki with rules and resources (FREE)html document as a download by John Clayton


Black Squad Hack Free Download
  • Bluehacka spin on Holmes Basic D&D (Blue Box)
  • Extinctiona stand alone RPG of Sci-Fi survival horror
  • Fantasy Hackbreakersome elements from Fate, six classes
  • Golgothaa game of interstellar exploration and scavenging
  • Heroes & Monstersaims to be a more user-friendly version of TBH, inspired by Moldvay’s Basic D&D
  • Heroic Fantasya TBH spin for more heroic play, new classes etc.
  • Infravision (FREE)a fantasy heartbreaker version of TBH by Peter Kissner
  • No Class Hack - RKG-BH1replaces broader Classes with specific abilities and enhancements called Edges, free sampler, character sheets, Corruption Die Drop Table (with background), Corruption Die Drop Table (print-friendly)
  • Orange Hacka TBH/Microlite hack
  • Portal Ratsstandalone game of planar adventure
  • Sharp Swords & Sinister Spells (PWYW)sword & sorcery based on TBH, Whitehack and DCC
  • The Basic Hack (PWYW)kid-friendly/newbie-friendly TBH
  • The Blackest Hack (PWYW)a version of The Black Hack optimized for evil player characters.
  • The Carsten Hacka modified version with 4 attributes, simple skill system, etc.; by Carsten R.
  • The Crying HackThe Crying Blades hack
  • The Elf Hackcharacters are all Santa’s elves in a battle with the forces of the Grump
  • The Grimm’s Fairy Hack (PWYW playtest rules)players take on the roles of children from our real world who find themselves lost in a dangerous, magical realm
  • The Petal Hack (FREE)Tékumel hack by Brett Slocum
  • The Phantasy Hack (FREE)JRPG hack by Sean Smith
  • The Quest Hack (FREE)a Sword & Sorcery inspired hack that moves beyond the classic stats
  • The Rat Hack (FREE Alpha)by Dustin Ratliff
  • The Three Class Hack 2.0 (PWYW)Whitehack character classes for TBH
  • The Zero Edition (Zebra) HackWhite Box Hack by Brett Slocum


  • ESP & Eyeliner (FREE)by Jules G.’s supplement inspired by Stranger Things
  • Ghosthackers (FREE)Unofficial Ghostbusters hackby Jonathan Linneman, serial numbers filed off
  • Monster Force - The Black Hack Compatableplay monsters as a government task force
  • The [REDACTED] Hackmodern espionage
  • The Adventure Squadloosely based on and inspired by a toy line from the 1970’s that included 12' action figures with life like hair and kung fu gri
  • The Bikini Hackbased on all of the fun beach and surfing movies of the 60’s
  • The Cat Hackurban fantasy hack where you play cats
  • The Front World War II RPGby Mark A. Hunt
  • The Kid Hackcharacters are all children in a battle with the supernatural world that only they can see
  • The Modern HackTBH hack in the modern world
  • The Noir HackFilm Noir hack that requires the base game
  • The Normie Hack (FREE)for low or non-magic settings; by Nathan Treme


  • The High Seas Hackswashbuckling adventures in the Caribbean of the late 17th and early 18th centuries; the Golden Age of Piracy
  • The Pirate Hack 2eplay pirates
  • The Pulp Hack (PWYW)play in a world of spies, private, eyes, masked heroes and mad scientists


  • Cosmic Warriors (PWYW)for Saturday morning cartoon shows and shounen manga games
  • The Anime Hackanime-inspired hack with 8 new classes
  • The Anthropomorphic Fighting Animal HackYou and your team of Evolved Animals use Martial Arts to fight crime and your Villain Rivals!


  • Furies of the Barrens RPGpost-apocalyptic sci-fi game based on TBH
  • The Rad-Hacka game set in a weird, post apocalyptic future where Mutants, Robots, Psionics and Humans team up against the dangers of the wasteland in search of Tech, Slugs and Adventure! LULU print copy here, free SRD here
  • The Wasted Hackpost-apoc game, it has some supplements, too: WLB Presents: The Lost and Forgotten Volume One (PWYW)and Miserable Wrecking Wreckers
  • The Wasteland Hack Special Edition <em>Expanded</em>post-apoc hack
  • The Wasteland Hack Settlers Pack (FREE)supplement for the Wasteland Hack
  • Waste-Land Beasts and How to Kill Themcollection of post-apocalyptic foes
  • Water Hack (FREE)post-apocalyptic TBH-inspired game but more on a nightmarish/parody/nonsensical manner


  • Mirrorshadeshardcore cyberpunk game
  • The Black Hack: Cyber-Hacked!simple rules for hacking, cyberware, car chases, drugs, and guns

Download Squad For Free


  • Hack Wars (FREE)unofficial Star Wars hack by Peter Frain
  • Shifter BotsTransformers hack by Jacob Ross
  • Star Trek: Bad Captain (FREE)a fan hack for classic Star Trek by Jeff Call
  • The Empire Strikes Hack (FREE)unofficial Star Wars hack by Thomas Williams, link is for the latest playtest version, here is newer draft(not playtested), and here is a charactersheet
  • The Gene Hackadventures set in science fantasy worlds of mutation, chaos, and flux
  • The Mecha Hacktitanic war machines game
  • The Space Hacksci-fi hack by Kirt A. Dankmyer
  • The Starrunner Kit- The Black Hole Edition: A Sci-Fi Space Toolkitsci-fi space adventure for TBH
  • The Stellar Hacka sourcebook you can use on its own or to add to your other OSR space games
  • The Stellar Hack - Starlite (FREE)sci-fi hack in space


  • From Unformed Realmssystem-free supplement for Chtulhoid horror (Cthulhu Hack)
  • The Blood HackVampire hack by Matthew Skail
  • The Cthulhu Hackstandalone product for horror games
  • The Cthulhu Hack: Convicts & Cthulhu (PWYW)supplement for the Cthulhu Hack
  • The Hunter Hack (PWYW)a collection of magic weapons, monsters, and rules for running a Black Hack game about tracking and hunting giant monsters in the wilderness
  • The Jack Hacka game of trying to beat the odds in the depravity of late Victorian London
  • The Penny Black (PWYW)supplement for ‘The Jack Hack’
  • The Great Gamepolitical intrigue for ‘The Jack Hack’ (needs TBH core game)


Black Squad Free

  • The Four Color Hackcomic book adventures
  • The Hero Hack (FREE)J. Galette’s 1980’s superheroes hack
  • The Powers Hacka supers hack
  • The Super Hackaction-packed four-color Superhero game


Black Squad Hack Free Download 2019

  • Macchiato Monsters ZEROWhitehack/TBH and some new ideas by Eric Nieudan
  • The Indie HackTBH hack with ‘indie’ ideas (details which are like Fate aspects), not TBH-compatible, online SRD, post/review by Jonathan Henry
  • The Shower Hack (FREE)Stupid Shower Thought for The Black Hack