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Common Aimbot features include: Aimkey/Hotkey: Select a hotkey to use the hack. The problem is that, unless Player B recorded all this on video, there is no hard evidence that A is using Aimbot; he could just as easily have been extremely lucky. Player A fires a single bullet at Player E, killing him with a headshot. This is perfect for easy PvP’ing without being detected by admins, as they would just be left thinking that you have great reflexes. If, however, he is “lucky” in the same way several times in the same match, it should become clear to all players that A is Aimbotting. New Updated Black Ops 2 Aimbot Hack Download People are really pleased to converse close to the new black ops 2 Aimbot hack with a free download, this is the only working ps3, xbox360, and pc Aimbot hack for black ops 2 that will work and hasnt been patched in the 2013 year. Two more will then be added in the full Modern Warfare Three content pack later. These sites are experts at avoiding suspicion, with a zero detection rate that extends over one year in length. Though some would call this cheating (and abusing it for anything other than a trainer to sharpen your skills probably is), using one to boost your skill level is nothing to be ashamed of. So let the hack fest begin! Take Your Skill To The Next Level. Rank up faster than ever before and attain every medal, weapon, gadget, and perk. Expanding health system : Health is extending far beyond just blood, into a system that incorporates health, blood, and consciousness level. This is not a traditional crafting system, but one that encourages layers to explore the ways in which items can be crafted. Consuming your bounty now results in rubbish, such as empty cans after consuming your beans. With my k/d running well over 50:1 and almost all headshots I ran almost every lobby I touched. You dont have to ask anymore how to hack black ops 2 for prestige or the Aimbot hack with no surveys. A piece of software or binary programming that is used inside computer games to help a user aim at his opponents with out the aid of actual physical mouse movement. Each method has a unique style of accomplishing the Aimbot effect. This can be used for not just survival, but also for locating enemy players when in dangerous open PvP! This should signal that A is using Aimbot. Precision Bone Aimbot, decide wether you want to shot legs, arms or head Aiming Prediction, for advanced accurancy Sniper Rifle Stabilization, removes movements from the weapons when breathing No Spread, removes weaponspread No Recoil, your weapon no longer pulls up while shooting with the help of the mw2 aimbot.
Failures use this probram to compensate for their lack of skills. A Minecraft Aimbot will take all of the aiming aspects of combat out of the equation for you, allowing you to immediately jump on target and fire away. The team is also working to make all new weapons with more detail. In fact this site was the first on the scene, releasing their Aimbot cod8 hack only four hours after Modern Warfare 3 was released. All you have to do when you have an Aimbot is go find a place to crouch or hide, and the computer does the rest of the work for you. We found a ps3 black ops 2 Aimbot hack download that isnt patched and works in 2013 year. Basically an add-on that does all of the aiming for you, you are freed from having to think, run, move, seek cover, find targets and then get them squared up to fire. With you on the team, you’ll never lose another game! The second pack will do the same, but also introduce a new 1 vs 1/2 vs 2 mode called Face Off. The download will start right away. If you buy them elsewhere they will surely force you to make a monthly subscription. Thanks to ,who made an installer that automatically installs the materials to your Counter-Strike directory, along with the Aimbot, auto config for the Aimbot and hack launcher.

Where to Download COD: Black Ops Cold War Hacks?

Our site is the best place to download this hack, because of our impressively low detection rates and our quick and easy-to-install software. We are here to make sure that you receive the best hacks and cheats as well as the safest. Our products are affordable while also giving great value for money, in case you want to support our work.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War hacks can be downloaded on our website. Our Cold War cheats consist of the following features:

  • Enemy / Friendly ESP
  • Aimbot and ESP both work in zombie mode
  • Enemy Distance detection
  • Aimbot with FOV smooth customization
  • Customizable aim key
  • Adjustable aim bone
  • Aim distance and snaplines
  • Different aim methods
  • Triggerbot

Nov 12, 2012 To date this is the leaked cheat for call of duty black ops 2 that actually works, free esp checker, bone scan, visibiltiy check, even a auto swith and auto shoot hack tool. This aimbot works for pc for bo2 as well and comes with a free tutorial on how to install.


The ESP function allows for enemies or friends to be detected quickly and differentiated from one another so that players do not accidentally kill their friends. It allows players to see information about their enemies such as names, health info, weapon info, and Player Skeleton. There is an option to turn this on or off. Enemy distance detection helps to be able to tell exactly how near or far an enemy is from you at any given time within a certain range.

Our triggerbot function means that a shot will be fired automatically when the player’s crosshair is placed on an enemy target. This ensures that players do not miss their enemies and that they cannot escape, which saves a lot of time.

Different aim methods allow users to select different aim methods that are best for the situation that they are in. The degrees of the aim angle can be adjusted and there is an option to turn on smooth aiming, which means no shaking and more accuracy. The adjustable aim bone function means that players can choose whether to fire at an enemy’s head, head and body or body only.

Grenade warnings quickly alert players when grenades have been thrown at them or if they are in the vicinity of them. This gives players sufficient time to getaway.


Another great feature is our wallhack, which allows players to see enemies through walls and behind covers.

We also offer something quite rare. That is the fact that our hacks and cheats work in Zombie mode as well. We know that many players love playing COD Zombie Mode. We believe that all our aimbot and ESP hacks should be available for that as well. These hacks will help you to make it to high levels and easily defeat many zombies.

Undetected Black Ops Cold War Hacks

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is a first-person shooter available across multiple platforms, including PS4, Xbox One and X/S, and PC. Cold War is the 6 th title in the Black Ops series and the 17 th title in the Call of Duty franchise altogether and comes with a new storyline, new multiplayer options, and Zombies.

The main campaign storyline follows a single character, and the multiplayer options include the traditional 6-person teams and a larger 12-person team. A new multiplayer option called “Fireteam” will have 40-person teams. With all of these players competing at the same time, many players want the best option to win, which is to use some of the most popular hacks available.

However, users with hacks installed can find themselves reported and banned by Activision. That’s why players need to use undetectable hacks like the ones made by us. Our COD Black Ops Cold War Hack cannot be detected, offer personalization options, are user friendly, and easy to install. They provide three of the most useful kinds of hacks out there: Aimbot, ESP, and Wallhack.

Black Ops Cold War Aimbot

The Aimbot hack is possibly the most important to install as it allows a player to target enemies quickly and efficiently to eliminate them as fast as possible. Features offered by our high-end Aimbot hack are instant kill, auto-fire, and movement prediction, all undetectable by Activision’s anti-cheat mechanisms.

Bo2 Hacks Download Free Play

Players who use Aimbots can wipe out a dozen enemies in a matter of seconds. With enhanced aiming players get an instant advantage in both the campaign and multiplayer modes and it reduces the chances of other players catching on to the use of a hack.

Cold War Hacks: Remove Recoil, Fog, Smoke

When playing COD Cold War, your field of vision is extremely important. Lavicheats hacks come with the feature to remove fog and smoke, making sure that your vision is not obstructed and therefore making sure enemies and zombies cannot sneak up on you undetected. Aside from helping you to clearly see enemies approaching, this also allows you to you easily spot loot items.
An anti-recoil mod is another extremely useful feature for players as it greatly improves accuracy when shooting because of the reduced recoil effect.

Black Ops Cold War Wallhack

Wallhacks allow players to change the properties of walls and barriers. This can let them see through walls or possibly shoot through them if desired. That kind of blatant hack usage may result in complaints from other players, so many use the wallhack for ambushes or to otherwise plan ahead, making the most of the extended vision. ESP with a wallhack can provide a clear layout of the area with labeled enemies and transparent walls, giving a clear path to winning.

There are various reasons players want to use hacks in first-person shooter games such as Black Ops Cold War. These games are highly competitive, especially in multiplayer mode, with all of the players trying to gain an advantage, and winning consistently can require a boost. With up to 40 people playing at once, plus the new Zombie mode where survival against waves of Zombies is all that matters, taking down enemies as fast as possible is how to survive to the end.

Some players who use hacks want to enjoy the game without going through the hassle of spending hours going the long way through. The campaign storyline, for example, is estimated to take between 5 and 7 hours. Applying an ESP hack or wallhack can move the story along a lot more quickly.

  • 2. Disable your AV and Windows Defender to avoid possible ingame detections or malfunctioning of the loader.
  • 3. Start our 'Anticheat Defender' to mantain you safe and undetected.
  • 4. Start the loader as Administrator and pick the game you want to inject to and hit 'Inject'.
  • 5. Wait for the injector to close and start the game.
  • 6. Enjoy and have fun! Avoid rage hacking if you don't want to get banned.
  • 7. Press ALT + INSERT to open ingame hack menu.

*Our free loader may have downtimes from time to time in order to update our free hacks, which get detected way faster than the PRIVATE VERSIONS. Get your private hack now and enjoy the real deal 24/7, no downtime guaranteed.

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