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Posted : admin On 21.09.2021

We want to share with you some tricks, strategies and tips so that all your games in Free Fire Battlegrounds are victorious.

If you put them into practice, you will have a great chance of reaching the last battles, I assure you that you will survive until the end!

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Without further ado, get your full attention and focus on learning through these amazing strategies, tips and tricks how to win your games in Free Fire Battlegrounds.

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#1. Get off the plane first:

Ideally, you should take advantage of the best resources when you hit the map. Get off the plane first; you can do it when the minute hand is at 3:35

#2. Observe the landing place of the other players:

Omikron hacked client download. It is important that when you start the game you realize where your rivals are landing, so you can avoid those areas and take the loot to advance.

#3.You have the possibility to heal yourself inside a vehicle:

Many players do not know that this benefit can be acquired, and it is really easy. When you are inside the vehicle, press the button to heal yourself and the inventory will be opened.

#4. Collect mushrooms:

These are ways to heal yourself in Free Fire Battlegrounds; however, you must be very aware of the attacks of your enemies. The invitation is for you to be very aware of your surroundings.

#5. The parachute opens only:

When you jump off the plane you do not have to worry about crashing on the floor, with Free Fire this does not really happen because the parachute would open itself. We recommend that you do not open it by yourself because you would lose a lot of time at landing.

#6.Never waste ammunition:

I hope you don’t waste your bullets, especially if you have little ammunition for example when you have an injured rival, finish him off with any other weapon, a grenade.

#7.Avoid shooting in all directions uncontrollably:

With the help of the map, other Free Fire users can observe the area where you are if you have previously fired.

Always keep in mind that every time you shoot you will be showing where you are and what type of area it is, avoid doing it.

#8.The best way to shoot:

At long range, experienced players when fully confident fire at most once or twice. In a short distance there are no more than three or four shots.

When you are already fulfilling the previous requirements, you are already tailored to professional players.

#9.Don’t stop, move at all times:

Avoid standing still when looking for resources, this will prevent you from being shot from afar.

When moving around the map, try to carry out different movements that will not allow other players to hit and lose the game in the distance.

#10.You have the possibility to run faster:

In Free Fire Battlegrounds it is possible to run faster, however, you can do it when you are totally disarmed. This implies a very high risk, so you must decide and plan a strategy.

#11. Pomegranates are highly valuable:

Firstly, you will save ammo, then you can destroy your enemies when they are hidden somewhere, be it a tree or a building.

It is extremely important that you be very aware of those players who are hiding to attack you.

#12. To pass through the water use a jump:

When you are running on the water, this will allow your race to be slower.

So that this does not happen, the ideal is that you are making successive jumps, you will begin to realize that you will run much faster.

#13. Hide where you can:

There are several hiding places in Free Fire Battlegrounds, you can do it on the wheels of large vehicles, you can also do it in brush, trees and buildings.

However, it is very important that you be very aware of other players that you do not go to hide where your enemy is hidden.

#14. Make your ambushes on the left side:

Depending on the location and arrangement of the camera, it would be necessary when you want to ambush to do so from the left side.

If you do so, I assure you that you will be able to perfectly observe how the other players are coming to attack you.

#15. Avoid falling into ambushes:

If you have doubts about the area where you are going to be, and you think that it has been previously Looteada, the ideal is that you are very aware or leave that place, possibly there is an opposite hidden in some building or shantytown in the area.

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How did you find these amazing strategies, tricks and tips to win your games in the Free Fire Battlegrounds video game?

If you really want to be victorious at the end, we invite you to practice all these tips.

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1. Nmap- Simple Hacking Software


Download this simple software to uncover bugs on your PC and fix them

  • Easy user interface and widely used
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  • Also provided for OS detection, scanning an IP range and alive hosts
  • Rich command mode for advanced users which can combine several commands together
  • Hosts its Google opensource project every year.
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2. SuperScan- Free Hacking Software

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3. Cain and Abel- Password Hacking Software

This software doubles up as a password recovery tool for Microsoft Operating Systems

  • WEP Cracking
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  • Decodes scrambled passwords
  • Reveals password boxes
  • Uncovers cached passwords
  • Dumps protected storage passwords

Computer Hacking Tricks And Tips Free Download Free

4. John the Riper- Useful Hacking Software

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5. FS Crack- An advanced hacking software

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6. Nessus Security Scanner- Hack-facilitating software

This is a network administration software which comes in a free trial version following the expiry of which it needs to be purchased.

  • Features active scanners, high speed discovery, configuration auditing asset profiling, sensitive data discovery and vulnerability assessment of your security
  • The scanners can be disseminated throughout an entire enterprise inside DMZs and across physically separate networks
  • Functions in any environment- cloud, hybrid or on-premises
  • Supports multiple technologies, more than any other vendor
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  • Comes in 4 versions- Nessus home which is free, Nessus Proffessional which needs to be purchased, Nessus Manager which has a free trial and Nessus Cloud which again needs to be purchased.

7. Wireshark-Network Protocol Analyzer

This software is a GTK+ based network protocol analyzer or sniffer that lets you capture and interactively browse the contents of network frames.

  • Deep inspection of multiple protocols
  • Live capture and offline examination
  • Default three pane browser packet
  • Runs on multiple platforms including Linux, OS X, Solaris and others
  • Powerful display filters
  • Exquisite VoIP analysis
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  • Output exported to XML, Postscript, CSV or plain text.

8. Live Bulk Mailer- Bulk Email application

This software is a professional high-performance bulk email software.

  • Defaces spam filter of Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail.
  • Offers your proxy servers to hide your IP addresses
  • Completely free of cost and no extra cost for upgradation
  • Manages opt-in mailing lists for your subscribers
  • Creates highly personalized HTML newsletters and messages to transfer them in quick time.
  • Consists of an email tracking function

9. Website Digger-Secure Hacking Software

This software searches Google’s cache to search for vulnerabilities, anomalies, configuration issues, proprietary information and unique security snippets.

  • Improved user interface in comparison to other hacking softwares
  • Does not require Google API License Key
  • Compatible with Proxy and TOR
  • Analysis of results in real time.
  • Result set which can be easily configured
  • Signatures are updated.
  • Unique ability to save signature selection and result set.

10. Putty- Free Telnet Client for Windows

This software is a free implementation of Telnet and SSH FOR Win32 and Unix platforms.

  • Supports multiple variations on the secure remote terminal
  • Provides user control over SSH encryption key and protocol version
  • Authenticates alternate ciphers such as 3DES, Arcfour, Blowfish and DES.
  • Emulates control sequences from xterm AND VT102
  • Allows Local, remote or dynamic port forwarding with SSH

Thus, with our completely safe and secure hacking softwares, you can now have a crash course in the art of hacking right from the precincts of your home!

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