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Download Grey Hacked

Gray Hat Hacking The Ethical Hackers Handbook, 3rd Edition.

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Updated: Nov 14, 2020

A basic guide to the nightly build's rshell (remote shell).

Guide to Rshell

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What is Rshell?
Rshell is a term for the remote shell service in grey hack, it is currently only available in the nightly build.
What is nightly and how do I use it?

Download Grey Hackers

Nightly is grey hack's 'public beta' of sorts, if you own the game you can activate nightly build by going to the betas section of the properties tab and enter the code 'nightlybuild'. Be warned however, this will erase existing singleplayer progress and may be unstable
The basics of Rshell
Rshell allows you to have remote shells that connect to a central server, once you have completed the first contract and have access to the hackshop you can download the 2 core files, of which are 'rshell-server' and 'rshell_interface', using these files you can get to work, please note that I advise you to do this on a rented server rather than your actual in-game PC as these are server programs and likely have vulnerabilities.
Installing the Rshell server
To install the Rshell server, just download and execute rshell-server from the hackshop, to manage the connections you need to forward port 1222 and run rshell_interface.
Using rshell and creating the backdoorHack
To use rshell, first you need to actually place one, you'll need to compile some code here.
Open CodeEditor and paste in the following:
metaxploit = include_lib ( '/lib/' )
metaxploit.rshell_client ('[IP]',1222,'rootkit')

Note: replacing [IP] with the IP of the rshell server you made earlier.

Grey Hack Free Download 0.7

Then compile and save it as whatever you want, then infiltrate the device you want to put the backdoor on, once you've infiltrated the device, you want to upload the compiled file you made earlier and run it on the victim's PC, afterwards you can delete the file, from there do what you need to do and disconnect. Finally check back on your rshell server, running rshell_interface should give you a ui showing the shell's existence and the ability to connect to it.
That's it! Enjoy your remote shell!
That's all you need for a basic rshell server and client, you can make any part of the code more advanced if you'd like to but that's the basics.
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