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Posted : admin On 20.09.2021

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If you’re developing a mobile app today, one of your major aims is to get people to download and use it. If you have an app in the mobile app stores, you want even more downloads than it already has.

For every app like Candy Crush Saga with billions of downloads that has made billions of dollars through in-app sales already, there’s an app you’ve never heard of drowning in the mobile app stores with few people paying attention to it.

That’s sad!

The truth is that your app is vying for attention among thousands of apps on the major app stores.

According to research by AppAnnie, the average smartphone user uses about 30 apps monthly and 9 daily. Even though the major apps dominate the usage time, they found that there’s still enough time for other apps.

Sometimes your app may fail to attract attention because it’s awful. Other times, your app could be a wonderful app that can solve many problems for users. But you need to take some actions to attract users to download it and make sure they use it.

According to figures from Sensor Tower, global app revenue grew by 35% in 2017 to about $60 billion. Users on Apple App Store spent $38.5 billion while users on Google Play spent $20.1 billion. You can position your app to take a cut of what users are ready to pay.

In this guide, I’ll be showing you 25 proven hacks you can use to increase your mobile app’s downloads and revenues through in-app sales. Let’s begin.

1. Encourage User ratings and reviews

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One of the most important details about an app on the app page is the user ratings and reviews. It shows what current users think about your app.

If your app has a high rating, let’s say 4.5 and above out of 5, and glowing reviews, it’s a form of social proof for your app. And this could encourage more downloads.

For instance, this is an app that has over 67 million ratings and an average of 4.5. This tells users that the app is an app to have.

But most users won’t leave a review for your app unless you nudge them towards doing it. You can do this by urging them to leave a rating and review when they’re using your app.

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However, if your app has a bad user experience, encouraging user ratings and reviews could kill your app.

Because overwhelming negative ratings and reviews are a note of warning to potential users. For instance, how attractive do these ratings and reviews make this app shown below?

A truth to know about app ratings and reviews is that users are more likely to leave a negative review after a bad experience with your app.

According to research by Apptentive, 73% of users will leave a review after a negative customer experience compared to 60% after a positive experience. It’s important that you avoid negative experience for users as much as possible.

2. Use an attractive app icon

When you consider all the parts of an app, its icon looks like a small part. But this is a small part that can make a big difference in the number of downloads your app gets on various app stores.

Your app icon is one of the details potential app users see before they click through to your app page.

If your app icon is poor, few users will click through to your app page which means they won’t download your app. According to a research by the Seoul International Color Expo, 92.6% of respondents said they put the highest importance on visual properties when buying a product.

For its app, Star Walk 2, Vito Technology noticed a drop in their conversion rate to 3% for the paid version of the app and 30% for the free version.

As a result of this, they decided to test various icons to see its effects on the number of app installs. Their initial icon is shown below.

After performing 5 tests on various color combinations for the icon, their most effective icon at driving more installs was able to outperform the initial icon by 35-68%.

While making an attractive icon, it is also important to perform tests of different icons to see the most effective one. After all, the number of installs you get should guide you rather than your view of what’s most attractive.

3. Having In-app referrals

If you have built a great app, your app users want to tell their friends about your app. But what if they can get a benefit for doing so? That serves as an encouragement and will encourage them to spread the word.

DropBox is one of the most popular cloud storage companies. But it didn’t begin with the number of customers it has today.

When DropBox began to gain popularity, one of the tactics that helped it to gain more app users and revenue was its referral program.

For every DropBox customer that referred another person, they were given extra storage space. While having 100,000 users in 2008, DropBox was able to increase its registered users to 4 million within 15 months. 35% of their daily signups were from their referral program.

4. Build a website for your app

If you want to build an app that attracts every possible user, one of the necessities you have to put in place is your app website. With your app website, many of your users don’t have to go to the app store to search for your apps.

On your website, you can provide the necessary information about your app. Likewise, you can optimize your website for important keywords. This will enable users to find your website and app on search engines.

One way to publicize your app on your website is to have a pop-up that encourages users to download your app.

Below is another example by trainline, a service that helps users to book train tickets. Both iOS and Android users can follow the link on the page to download the app.

5. Make great screenshots for your app page

Your app’s screenshots show a glimpse of your app’s user interface. If your app’s screenshots look bland, it may give potential users an impression that your app is bland.

To make great screenshots for your app, it is important that your screenshots show important features in your app.

For instance, music lyrics app, Musixmatch shows screenshots that display the features of its app and what it does while you play a song.

6. Make great videos that attract users

Having a video that shows your app in use is an opportunity to attract more users to download your game. A short 15-second video that shows potential users interesting parts of your app could convince them to buy.

Below is a screenshot from Bubble Shooter’s video on the Google Play Store showing the app’s gameplay.

7. Collaborate with Influencers

To increase your app’s downloads, increasing its popularity will help a long way. One way to increase the popularity of your app is to collaborate with influencers. These influencers could be in 2 categories.

There are some influencers who may not be known to everybody but are big authorities in their field and could give a lift to your app download and usage if they endorse it. You can allow these influencers access to all the premium features in your app free of charge.

A favorable word from them will give your app credibility to people who have never heard about your app. Another group of influencers is celebrities.

These people have large follower bases online and mainly on social media. With an advert on their page, you get more downloads for your apps.

According to a study, 33% of users download a mobile app because it was recommended by others.

8. Great app design

If you want more downloads and in-app purchases for your app, nothing beats great design. When you market a poor app, you’re only exposing its weaknesses and that could be counter-intuitive.

Even if you manage to get some people to download it, they won’t use it to the point where they make in-app purchases. Before you know it, most users will uninstall your app and bombard your app page with negative reviews.

Most of the hacks here will only work when you have a great app design that solves users’ problems or provides a joyful experience.

Natural Home, an app that sells home goods, has a simple app design that makes it easy for the app users to purchase any product through the app.

9. Responding to User complaints

For every app, there’ll be a problem users have issues with. Most times, they’ll register these complaints with their reviews on your app page. For any potential user on your app download page, they can see these complaints.

With proper response to these complaints, these potential users know that you care about the people who use your app and will go through the same things if they encounter an issue with your app in the future.

Below is an example of UB Reader’s developer responding to a user complaint. This was a user complaining about paying for the premium app everytime she changes devices even though the payment details should have been connected to her email address.

The developer responded to prevent the user from dumping the app and encouraging others to use it.

10. Regular updates to fix bugs

Whenever there is a bug in your app, it’s a thorn to user experience and a threat to the app usage. If the bug continues to harm user experience, it may cause users to dump your app for another app that performs a similar function to yours.

Making regular updates mean you’re serious about providing the best service possible for your app users.

Likewise, it helps to make your user information more secure. A McAfee Labs Threat Report in June 2016 found that apps that are rarely updated are at the risk of app collusion. This could pose a risk to customer data on your app.

Business Insider also found that apps that are updated infrequently usually have lower ratings than frequently updated apps. This is understandable as customers’ issues won’t get resolved on time.

11. Catchy app description in the app store

With the description of your app, you don’t have many words to talk about your app. In a few words, you must be able to state the main benefits of your app to the potential user.

Below is an example for Uber. In a few words, the company summarized all the important benefits of Uber for the user.

For those who want to learn more, they can click on “Read More.” But few users will click on that. If you fail to convince them in a few words, they probably won’t bother the check the epistle.

12. Build a social media presence

Few people will download an app they have no prior knowledge of. And most of your present and potential users are on social media. Not only that, but they visit these channels almost every day.

If you want to market your app, your ideal users are on social media. You should create social media accounts to interact with your potential users. You can get more suggestion on how to improve your app.

Likewise, you can post promotional offers on your social media pages to attract users to download.

Below is an example of Slack telling its Twitter followers about a new update for iOS users. In the next tweet, they ask about their users to engage in an interaction.

13. Make your app free to download

Whether you want to create a free or paid app, the unspoken rule today is to make it free initially and allow some parts of the app to work without payment.

Many users will only pay for premium features of your app when they have used the free version without difficult issues.

If users have to pay before download, many will not purchase your product. In fact, that is the current model that most apps follow. For even the most profitable apps today, they are free to download and users only pay for additional options.

For some apps, they may run ads to keep their app free and customers who don’t want to see ads will have to pay to remove them.

14. Get featured on popular industry websites

For websites that have weekly roundups on their website, this could be a form of publicity for your app. One of the things you have to do is identify websites that have a weekly roundup of apps.

After doing this, you send a message to the writer in charge of the website or that particular weekly roundup. You can send your app, website address, social media accounts, and other details needed about your app.

For a website like Mashable, it has a weekly app roundup which features news related to apps during the week. This is an opportunity for an app to gain more exposure.

15. Target relevant keywords

When ad attribution and analytics company, TUNE, engaged in a study to see how users discovered apps, they found that 50% of users will find an application through app search. 47% of iOS users said they found an app through the App Store’s search engine while 53% of Android users used to search on Google Play.

What does this tell you about increasing downloads for your app? You have to optimize for important keywords. What words would they search for when looking for a solution your app can provide?

These are the considerations to make when selecting your keywords. To have the best results possible, it is important to have your keyword in the name of your app and in the app description.

This is one of the best ways to get app downloads from users who have never heard of your app. When Ankit Shrivastava was building his music player app, he named it “La Musique” which was French for “The Music.”

For most people looking for a music player, music will probably be a part of the words they search for. That’s why using the word “music” is better than “song.”

16. Press Release

Getting more downloads for your app is not only about the publicity you generate in app stores, but also the publicity you generate for it on the Internet as a whole. One of the best ways to generate publicity for your app is through press releases.

To get your app to a wider audience, you can send news about your app to PR outlets. You should do this regularly to keep your app in people’s mind. You can have a press release for various reasons.

This could be to announce a major update, or an added feature, or even to tell current app users you have rectified a big issue they raised. The biggest reason is usually to have your app in the public view.

Below is an example of a press release by Raise on PRNewswire to talk about the launch of its mobile app.

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17. Blogger Reviews

User reviews are good and may affect a user’s opinion of your app. But most user reviews are unstructured and give few details about the features of an app and its usage.

However, industry bloggers can offer this. For a potential user carrying out research about your app, these blogger reviews allow them to know more about the features of your app.

One thing blogger reviews also offer is trust. Readers believe bloggers are on the user’s side and are more likely to believe them than you. To have your app review on blogs, you can send your app to bloggers in your industry who will help you to review it.

There are also services that help in app reviews. There’s a long list of these websites on MobiLoud. Some of these services require payment for their reviews while others do not. Although, it’s still better to get a review from an influential industry blogger as this gives your app more credibility.

18. Promotional Offers through Push Notifications

The fact is that not everybody who downloads your app will use it on a regular basis. And there is no way to get a user to make in-app purchases when they don’t even use your app. While you plan to get users to download your app, you must also encourage them to use it regularly.

Promotional offers will encourage users to use your app and make a purchase.

However, for someone who doesn’t use your app, one way to make them aware of your promotional offers is through push notifications. They can always learn about your promotional offers in their notifications and then click through to your app to make a purchase.

A study by think with Google found that 30% of users would restart using an app as a result of discount or coupon towards their next purchase while 24% would do so for exclusive or bonus content.

19. Build an app landing page

On your app website, there should be a landing page for your app. This aim of your landing page is to gain more downloads for your app. On the landing page, you explain the reasons your visitors need to download your app.

What are the benefits for any user who downloads your app? What makes your app unique to similar apps? You may be tempted to cram as many benefits of your app as possible into your landing page.

But this would be a mistake. What is the most important benefit of your app? It is better to hammer one or two benefits on your landing page and explain how it makes their lives easier. Visitors are able to remember these benefits afterwards unlike after reading 20 benefits.

This is an example of an app landing page for the app Foursquare showing the links to the relevant app stores to any user visiting the page.

20. Make your website mobile responsive

If you have a website for your mobile app, your ideal visitors are using a smartphone. Having a website that is unresponsive to mobile renders your website useless. If the navigations are poor on mobile, then visitors will abandon your website and you have lost a potential user.

A mobile responsive page allows your visitors to engage more with your website content and increase the probability of them downloading and using your app. According to Formstack, unique clicks are 15% greater on mobile-optimized websites.

21. Build an email list

For most of your visitors, email is a personal property they check daily multiple times. Report by Fluent shows that about 3 in 5 people check emails on their mobile devices. This can be an advantage as they can download your app while still on their mobile devices.

When you build an email list of both current users and potential users of your app, you can send relevant messages to each group of website visitors. You can send promotional offers to current app users and more nurturing messages to potential users.

With an email list, you can increase your app downloads and also increase app usage for subscribers who already have your app installed on their smartphones.

22. Have your app on Product Hunt

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To give your app the best publicity possible, it’s important to have your app on Product Hunt. And it’s free. With your app on this website, you can get a traffic spike to your website and also many backlinks if your app gets many upvotes.

One other thing is that you’re able to get necessary criticisms about your app.

This will go a long way to improve it for your current and future users. One other benefit you can gain by using Product Hunt is that you can get an investor to invest in your app.

23. Getting featured on App store

When your app is featured on the app stores, it gives more attention to your app. Because this is an endorsement from the app store managers. However, you need to know that getting featured on the two major app stores is not automatic.

Apple has app store managers in 155 countries that help to manage their app stores in those countries.

These are the people in charge of picking featured apps. To give your app the best chance of being featured, there are some steps you need to take:

  • Have the best UI and UX possible: Apple has built a reputation over the years for having a great user interface that put user experience as one of the important features in their products. Your app design must have a simple user interface that makes it easy for users. You should also follow the Apple design guidelines to have an app suited to their taste.

  • Localize your app: different apps get featured in different countries. One of the factors app store managers consider is how relevant your app is to users in a particular country. If you want your app to be featured in a particular country, you must make sure it possesses important features relevant to those users.

  • Incorporate Apple technology into your app: making an app compatible with recent Apple technology will make your app stand out. It’ll also increase the likelihood of app store managers picking your app. For instance, if you have a shopping app, you should allow payment through Apple Pay or use their 3D Touch feature in a game.

  • Reach out to App store managers: most times, you have to tell app store managers about your app. You can find app store managers for the country you want to feature in through LinkedIn. You can find their emails and send a short message about your app and why it should get featured.

To get featured on Google Play Store, there are some important steps you need to follow:

  • Make it compatible for most android devices: your app should be ready for use on the latest version of the Android OS as this makes it usable by the latest smartphones and tablets. Likewise, your app should also be compatible with other devices like smart TVs if users choose to use it there.

  • Follow Google guidelines: For Android development, Google releases guidelines so that developers can implement them in their apps. If you follow these guidelines in your app, Google is more likely to reward you for doing that.

  • Reach out to Google editors: even if your app is great, people who are to feature it may be unaware of your app. This is why you should reach out to a Google Regional Mobile Solutions Lead in the region you want to get featured. This lead to awareness of your app to the right people.

24. Have a buyer persona for your app

There are many people who are going to use your app, but do you have an ideal user in mind?

Having a buyer persona means you can target people who are more likely to pay for your services or products.

According to a report by Cintell, companies that exceed lead and revenue goals were 2.2X more likely to have and document personas than companies that miss these targets.

Generally, iOS users spend more on in-app purchases. Some developers target iPhone users as their ideal customers for this reason.

This is just an example, as a lot of money is also spent on Android devices. But the point is that your ideal app user will determine the features you add to your app.

To create your ideal buyer persona, you have to indicate important details like name, location, age group, annual income, job, working hours, etc. This will inform your app strategy as you get to understand your ideal customers more and tailor your app to their needs.

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You can send messages to them at the right time and when they’re more likely to convert.

25. Track user behavior and perform tests

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One way to improve your app performance and revenue is to track your users’ behavior. What part of your app are they interacting with most? Having a premium version that improves on this part will see more users willing to pay.

If you’re making an improvement to your app, you should make it based on the figures that indicate what users want. In another way, one way to know what customers want is to test various elements in your app.

When you test important elements of your app like icons, the layout of features, the introduction of new features, removal of current features, and other elements, you’ll see how your users react to these changes.

For tests that yield positive results, you can incorporate these changes permanently into your app. The change you make to your app after testing is informed — and are likely to get your app users more satisfied with your app and spend more.

By testing another app icon, Super Puzzle was able to double the number of app downloads.

This was the before and after icons used for the app.

Final thoughts

To increase your mobile app downloads and revenue, it requires a lot of hard work. But it is worth it as you also end up improving user satisfaction.

One of the basic details to remember when trying to boost your app revenue is that you have to satisfy your current users first. When you satisfy your current user, they’re happy. This leads to better ratings and reviews for your app and attracts even more users.

Making a great app sets up this chain reaction. Another basic detail to remember is that you must be able to market your app. Even great products require great marketing to get the attention they need.

When you apply these 25 hacks to your app, you’ll be able to meet your download and revenue targets within a short period of time.