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I wanted to buy a premium or paid cracked android apps but didn’t have that much of money to pay for it. I researched, researched and found the best way out for you and me. Today, I am gonna share it with you. So in this session, you would know how to access the best free cracked android app site. There are many sites which claim the same services for free of cost but not all of them are reliable and safe for our devices.

NBA Ball Stars v1.4.1 Mod APK. NBA Ball Stars Mod APK latest version download for free for Android. NBA Ball Stars mixes the league’s superstar players, fast-paced action, and amazing skills with gem-bursting puzzle gameplay. Take charge of an NBA Team, create customized line-ups, and strengthen your roster as you make a run for the. 5 Best Safe APK Download Sites for Android Apps. APK stands for Android Package Kit, and is used for the distribution of Google Android applications. They’re saved in a.ZIP file format and are usually downloadable directly into the Android device. There are plenty of options out there for APK sites but not all of them are safe and trustworthy.

There are more than a ton of sites which just behave like a hack or mod but basically they are fake. I shall explain the safest and trustable way to get cracked android apps free of costs which is based on a proper research and practical experience. Let’s begin this helpful, adventurous and exciting article.

Best sites to download cracked android apps APK


  • Best sites to download cracked android apps APK

1.Blackmart Alpha:

You don’t even need to create an account herein. It is same as play store and probably the best alternative to it for downloading paid and free, both apps. An user friendly interface gives you an ease while surfing on it to download cracked android apps.

Blackmart alpha has many impressive key points to bring a smile on your face, enlisted as:

  • Even a beginner would find and love its smoothie operations.
  • Multilingual, unlike google play store where paid or premium apps need money to be paid. Blackmart alpha o not costs a penny for any paid app.
  • Faster and simple downloading and installation. I just pressed ‘download’ and its downloading started. That’s it.
  • The search bar allowed me to type the name of app or game of interest. Hence, the app is easy to operate for its users.
  • The app size is 7.23 MB. Blackmart alpha was recently updated on feb, 20’ 2021. The small size of the site doesn’t give an extra load to your android and works smoothly. It is compatible with android, mac & windows as well. You can download the full version of any application.

2. Get APK:

Get APK helps you to get paid apps for free. You can find all versions of any app. You can download either old or new version of any app. But many people don’t like it due to its not so good interface.

Get APK comes with many important points to switch to this, enlisted as:

  • Simple, small and easy to use. The site is hardly more than 1 MB.
  • Unlike other app stores, You can search any APK file and download here for free. The Getapk avail many sources of apps, you can choose your preferences. This uniqueness isn’t present at other app stores, commonly.
  • Free and paid, both apps and games are available. The app is largely divided into 2- groups: applications & games. This, in turn is further sub-divided into their respective categories for easier manual search.

3. ACMarket Apk:

An another good recommendation for downloading cracked android app for android. But before downloading it, let’s know more about it.

  • Customizing applications according to your preferences.
  • Latest apps and games with a grand collection, divided into 3- categories: apps, mods and tweaks.
  • Advertisement free, quick & better downloading speed, user friendlyapps, available in 20+ languages, the latest version is ACMarket apk 4.
  • It has become a better choice for people who want to download cracked apps for android for its impressive points mentioned above. A search bar is given at the top of the screen, just type and get it downloaded.

4. ApkPure:

The app has apkmirror to download old version of a particular app. You can access almost all the apps available in play store. ApkPure is much safer virus free compared to others.

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  • All paid and free apps are available herein including ones which are not available in your country. I found apps which were not available even on play store search results, and best of all, for totally free.
  • Apkpure gives you an useful comment section to help you before downloading any app. Reviews helped me to find the better out of it.
  • Apkpure is as lightweight as 17.6 MB, not much space taking & lesser battery uses, without any unnecessary features. The updated 3.17.16 version is much adventurous, fully loaded with exciting games and apps.

5. ModAPKDown:

Do you know the best thing about this app? It has both moded and original paid application. It is the best site to download the latest version of an app. ModAPKDown might be considered as the best cracked android app site.

  • Modapkdown is available in a number of languages. It has given many categories like customer services, top, trending and hot downloads section. I got many films, web series at ModAPKDown absolutely free.

6. Apk4Free:

You can get a vast collection of latest apps and games including paid and free, both. APK4Free is an awesome site to download numerous exciting android apps be it adventurous apps ranging from games, media players and photo gallery managers.

  • By downloading apk files in advance, you can access newer apps and latest games and their updates on time. You can get the apps even if they are restricted in a particular region. You can contact them at their mail I’d. The search bar will help you to optimize your search results.

7. OnHAX:

OnHAX is the awesome site to download cracked android apps for android devices. I found a big number of apps and games herein both, premium or paid. It has also given a few good Windows software. Its wide collection will leave you flabbergasted. It has given categories like android games, media and video, pc softwares etc. as shown in the above picture.

8. RevDL:

Go to revDL, search your app and download it for free, as simple as that. I found it as the best cracked android apps site.

  • Revdl is just 1.75 MB and compatible with your android where you can download any app totally free of cost. RevDL gives you the menu including games, top games, apps etc. which will help you to find out the better apps, music apps, games, entertainment related apps.


When I found it, I thought it as a vlog website but when I explore this world famous website which avail you with the mods apk apps, be it android games, iOS, PC, PS3, PS4 or Xbox games. All these apps and games are available for free. You won’t have to pay a single paisa for it.

  • With their new version v1. 03, IHACKEDIT has improved speed, fixed bugs & many more.
  • IHACKEDIT size is 4.15 MB, it means that it is a simple win win situation for you. It might turned it into your favorite site to download cracked android apps, superb games, hacks, moded apps etc.

10. Apk4fun:

It gives you a full fledged services providing newest, featured, or useful apps and games for you. You can download numerous apps, games and freewares in their respective categories. Apk4fun gives you hundreds of free android apk files helpful to you.

11. Rexdl:

It came at rank- 1 with its latest version in terms of ease of downloading cracked android apps. If you are about to download any game Or any other apps like gallery manager etc. this app could be a better choice. Check it out. Again, paid apps are not gonna charge a single rupee from you. So, why wait?

12. Apkmb:

Apkmb is made for people like me (& probably you too) who loves to share the helpful and pro apps with their friends and family. I was able to share gaming apps with my bestie for absolutely free. This site has given a big collection of launchers, android apps and adventurous games.

13. Aptoide app store:

Again, a better alternative to Google Play store for many people paid apps for free, many premium apps are provided to their users on just a click. Lemme enlist a few mind blowing features of aptoide app store:

  • User friendly interface.
  • Unlock any app, even if they are restricted in a particular geographical region.
  • Compatible with android, tablets, pc etc.
  • Apk scanner built-in.
  • Users are able to distribute cracked android apps.

Note– apps mentioned above are well researched, and easiest way to download cracked android apps apk for free. A few of them are moded apps and others are providing premium paid apps directly. But remember, google play store is the safest and most secure app to download any app or games. Getting downloaded any kind of cracked apps and moded apps are illegal. Also, you can share any game or app with your friends, for totally free of costs.

Although the sites discussed above are safer than any other sites to download cracked android apps, they may harm your device some way or the other. Try to avoid using these sites, the premium apps available on google play store is cheaper and safest. Make your decision wisely.

Are you looking for the best APK download sites? Of course you are because that’s the reason why you ended up on this page. And you won’t be disappointed as I have made an entire list of the best sites you can use to download APK files for free this year. So, buckle up and read the entire article!

You may wonder why you need to know about the sites to download APK files because you can use Google Play Store whenever you need to download or update any app or game. That’s certainly true but you can’t find all the apps and games on the Play Store. There are apps like Cyberflix TV that aren’t available on the app store and to download such apps, you will have to rely on the APK download sites.

Fortunately for us, there are a ton of such websites that provide you with a way to download your favorite apps and games securely, but you have to be careful because some of these sites have a ton of pop-ups and also share cracked apps and games that may end up harming your device.

That’s the reason why you need to stick with only the sites that I have listed in this article. These are the sites that have a clean interface with no annoying pop-ups, and they don’t share premium apps or games for free. And you can find the latest version of your favorite apps as soon as it is available. So, let’s get started without wasting any more time!

Best APK Download Sites of 2020

1. APKPure

If you own an Android device, then I am pretty sure that you already know about APKPure.com because it’s one of the most popular websites where you can download APK files for free.

You can find the updated APK files of your favorite apps and games on the site; but if you are looking to download paid apps for free, then you won’t get it here. The website only shares the applications that are available for free on Google Play Store. But if you are looking to download some apps that are not available on Google Play Store, like TubeMate app, then APKPure website is the place you need to visit.

Visit Site: APKPure.com

2. APKMirror

This is yet another awesome website that provides you with the latest version of the popular apps and games. The site’s interface is extremely simple and they provide a list of all the updated apps right on the homepage, with the popular ones in the sidebar for ease of access. If you are looking for a particular application or game, then you can use the search box to find it and download the latest version available.

Just like APKPure, APKMirror.com also doesn’t share paid applications, or MOD apps, and only share the apps and games that are available for free. And what makes it one of the best APK download sites is the fact that you can use it with complete trust!

Visit Site: APKMirror.com

3. AppsAPK

AppsAPK is yet another website that is focused on providing you with the latest version of your favorite apps and games as soon as they are released by the developers. The site’s interface is extremely clean and you can find the most popular apps right at the top of the homepage, along with the recently updated apps and new releases below them.

But that’s not all as the website also makes lists of the best apps, like the best browser apps, so that you get a chance to download only the best applications that millions of people are using. Plus, there are separate pages listing down the popular apps and new apps and there’s also an entire blog section where you can find tutorials on how to download and install various applications and games.

Visit Site: AppsAPK.com

4. Softpedia

Softpedia is one of the best places to download software and drives, apps, games and get the latest news in the tech industry. And they also have an entire section dedicated to sharing the latest APK files with their users. They post the latest version of popular applications and games on a daily basis so whenever you visit the site, you will always get the updated version.

If you can’t find the app on the “latest APK files” category, then you can use the search function to find the application you are looking for!

Visit Site: Softpedia.com

5. CNet

CNet is one of the biggest tech sites in the world, but apart from keeping you updated with the latest happenings in the tech world, they also have an entire section dedicated for users like us where we can safely download software, apps and games. Apart from Android apps, there are software for Windows and Mac and also iOS apps and games that you can download.

The Android section is quite beautifully designed with all the popular categories on the page allowing you to discover new apps. And if you are looking for any particular app, then you can simply use the search feature to find it and download its latest version immediately.

Visit Site: CNet.com

6. Softonic

This is yet another site that you can visit to stay up-to-date with the latest news, but they also make it a point to publish a ton of posts where they list down the best apps and games according to their categories. And since the site is really popular, they also have a very active downloads section where you can find the popular Android apps and games instantly.

The interface is pretty simple as you can choose a category from the drop-down menu to discover new apps and games, or use the search feature to find a particular app. Not only that, the site lists the most popular applications and games right on the dashboard so you don’t have to waste time finding them.

Visit Site: Softonic.com

7. Amazon

Amazon’s app store is one of the best alternatives to Google Play Store to download popular Android apps and games from. So, if you are unable to use Google Play Store, then you can download this particular app store on your smartphone and then use it to download your favorite apps and games or update the already installed ones to their latest version.

Visit Site: Amazon.com

8. Aptoide

I am pretty sure that you must already be familiar with the Aptoide site as it has been one of the most popular APK download sites for several years now. It has undergone quite the makeover and looks really stunning and easy to navigate.

The homepage of the site is pretty clean and shows you all the latest apps, the top and trending apps as well as recommendations. You can simply click on the app to see the latest version that’s available and then download it on your device.

One thing that you need to know about Aptoide is that it may share MOD apps and games at times, so beware of that. I would recommend you to stick with the free apps because cracked apps might be harmful for your smartphones.

Visit Site: Aptoide.com

9. APK4Fun

If you want to stick to the best sites to download APK files that don’t share cracked apps or games, then APK4Fun is a good place to start. The site has a clean interface where you can find the top free and paid apps directly on the homepage. Plus there’s a featured section as well where the editors display the trending apps that you might be interested in.

What I really like about the site is that you can click discover apps according to their categories, and they also separate apps based on their release date as well as the number of downloads.

Visit Site: APK4Fun.com

10. AndroidAPKsFree

What makes AndroidAPKsFree.com one of the best APK download sites is that fact that it provides you with the latest updates of the apps and games right on the homepage without distracting you even a bit. You can visit the site anytime you want and you will see the apps and games that have been recently updated right on the homepage.

Apart from that, they also display the popular apps and games as well as the apps that have been trending for the past day; and they have a search feature you can use to find a particular application or game that you want to download.

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Visit Site: AndroidAPKsFree.com

Hack Game Apk Download

Which, Do You Think, Are the Best APK Download Sites of 2020?

Hack Apk Download Sites Windows 10

So, these were some of the best websites to download APK files that you can use this year. If you’ve been using an Android smartphone, then you need to know about these sites as they list down the apps and games as soon as they are updated and provide you with a link to download the latest version.

You can certainly use Google Play Store to directly download and install any app or game you want, but there are times when the updates arrive on your device at a later date and you might not want to wait that long. So, you can download these updates from one of the website above and install them manually.

I really hope that you liked the article and if you did, then make sure to share it with your friends as well so that they too know about these awesome APK download sites that they can use in order to update their favorite apps and games!

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