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Posted : admin On 21.09.2021
Crack hotmail password

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Crack Hotmail Password

How to hack almost any hotmail, easily without keylogging, in 24 hours.

Greetings fellow HF members and guests, welcome to my first tutorial.This thread was recently deleted due to a misunderstanding (just beforeit reached 20,000 views ), so i'm re-posting it (with permission).
I see alot of new HF members joining, and wanting to learn how to hacksomebodies hotmail account.or asking others to do it for them.
Most are under the illusion that there's this 'hack' button you canpress and you instantly get their password, however this is not thecase.
Most newb's are put off by the fact that they have to keylog or phishtheir way into getting a password, and they resort to asking the'hackers'.
But i'll provide an easy alternative.
This method is called Reverting,and you will be sending a form in to microsoft customer support toreset the password for your (or somebody elses) hotmail account.
For this method, it helps to know the person, even a little, but i'llstill give you a step-by-step tut on how to find the information andfill out each part of the form.
Step 1: go here:
This is the form you will be filling out.
Step 2: Give them your victims full name.
Now, if you do not know their first name, try the following things to find it.
First, try using these two sites, simply enter their email and hit return.
if you want more, google their hotmail account(s), for example, type into google:
'[email protected]'

Include the quotes, cause this searches for only the hotmail account.
If you gain any results, it will most likely be forums or if you'relucky, social networking sites, that they have filled out their info on.
Go through these searches, and look at every one, even make a .txt file in notepad pasting down all the info you can on them.
Once you're done, if you havnt got their last name, keep reading.if you have, goto step 3.
Presuming you dont yet have their last name, try going to social networking sites, like:
Or any others you can think of, and search for their hotmail account using the websites search feature.
if you get any results, you're in luck, most of the time people includealot of information on themselves in there. Follow any leads you canfind on the info, and even ask them or their friends (look up atutorial on social engineering info out of people first, it will help).
Now another thing you can do is use http://www.whois.com IF your victim has their own website.
If you dont have it by now, maybe you should find an easier target, orif you're desperate, use this technique to hack one of their rl bestfriends, and alot of the time they have their full name assigned toyour victims hotmail address, in their addressbook.
Or, I sometimes just say 'I'm pretty sure I only put in my first nameat registration, I'm paranoid like that' or something along thoselines.. It's worked for me.
BTW: This is called d0xing, or'documenting', basically harvesting info on people, it's completelylegal as long as you get all your info from the public domain (forums,social networking sites etc).
Step 3: The e-mail address for us to send a response to.
simple, give them your email address.. could use a fake one if you'reparanoid (one you got access too), but i dont see any risk.
Step 4: Primary e-mail address/member ID associated with the account you are inquiring about.
Here you put in your victims email address (the one you're trying to hack).
Step 5: Date of birth.
You can simply give them the year, if you dont know any further thenthat.but if you want to be on the safe side, read step 2, and usethose techniques to find their date of birth.
Step 6: Country
If you dont know their country, which you probably should, use their IPaddress which you will have in one of the next steps to find it, byusing
Step 7: State
same deal, use their IP addy if you dont know it already
Step 8: ZIP or postal code
Same deal again, it's usually correct if you use the IP addy..just use http://www.ip-adress.com/ip_tracer/
and find their town/suburb or whatever, and google the ZIP code for it.
Step 9: The secret answer to your question
simply put 'i dont remember'
Step 10: Your alternate email address
for this, you just put in the email address you're trying to hack, you dont need their alternate email address.
Step 11: Your IP Address
Okay so here's probably the toughest one, but it's still easy. (NOTE: It's very hard to revert an account unless you successfully complete this step)
There's alot of ways to get their IP, i'll give you the easy ones.
Email: Get them to send you an email somehow, it doesnt matter how, you can just send an email saying:
'hey, how are you?' and they'll probably reply. Once you have theiremail (dont use old emails, please, everybody uses dynamic IP's thesedays)
right click on it, and click 'view source', you will see something like this:
..now you want to find 'X-Originating-IP: [XX.XXX.XX.XX]' That is their IP address.
Website: Go here http://www.reza24.com/ip and give them your nickname or whatever you want them to call you, and your email address, like this:
They will give you a URL, find a way to send that to your victim.
For example, for one of my victims, he said 'ha i got 3 firewalls youcant hack me' so i told him to goto that URL if he's so safe, and itold him if he doesnt, he needs to grow some balls..lol he did :)
BTW, when they go there, it just says the webpage cant be found, and then you get an email from reza24 telling their IP :D
Full credit of this site goes to Raider, he did an awesome job :) he deserves some rep for it :P
MSN:if you can talk to them on msn, then you can get their IP that waytoo.there's two ways, either download a easy-to-use script, or do itmanually with cmd,
i'll show you how to do it manually first.
Manually: Send them a file, or get them to send you a file.
'hey, i love that song, can you send me it?' or 'omg, this is the funniest picture ever'.
Before you start the transfer though, goto start > run (if you'reusing vista, just press the windows key) and type in cmd, and hit enter.
type in the following: netstat -n
and hit enter, it will show you a list of active connections to different IP's.
Remember or take a screenshot of those IP's, because once you start thetransfer, type in netstat again while it's transferring and check forany new IP's, that is your victims IP.
With a script:
IF you have windows live messenger plus (probably the best WLM IMO), download this script:
It's called IP-Get, and will show you your current msn contacts IPaddresses IF you're currently connected to them with a fileshare. Itwill also allow you to save the IP addresses, and look up theirlocations.
Here is a screenie of IP-get:
There are other ways, but surely, you should have been able to gettheir IP by now..if not, look up a tut on it, using the search feature.
Step 12: Your internet service provider
very easy to find, use their IP, either using the IP get script if you have it, or http://www.ip-adress.com/ip_tracer/
Step 13: The last date and time that you successfully signed in
Unless you know this as a fact, either take your best guess, say you dont remember, or yesterday.
Step 14: The names of any folders that you created in addition to the default folders
leave this blank, or say you dont know (unless you know this for a fact).
Step 15: Names of contacts in your hotmail address book
give them all the contacts you know are definately or most likely inthere, including yourself, and even their other accounts (they mightadd themselves, everybody seems to). Also give them [email protected] [email protected], as most people have them added.
Step 16: Subjects of any old mail that is in your inbox
okay just use common sense for this one, things to include are:
hey, how are you, RE:, FW:, admin, windows live, hotmail staff,recovery, registration, support, lol, password, comfirmation, noreply,delivery status notification (failure).
Also, if they are subscribed to any forums (like hackforums(but pleasedont hack other HF members :P)), social networking sites (like myspace,bebo) or online games (like RuneScape, WoW), then be sure to includethem too.
Step 17: Names of contacts on your messenger contact list
If you happen to know any of their friends, this is where you put theirdisplay name..if you dont have them added, put their first names, andif you dont know them at all, just leave it blank, or say you dontremember.
Step 18: Your Messenger nickname
If you know it, put it in.if you dont, say 'i cant remember it exactly' or leave it blank.
Step 19:
The rest you dont really need to worry about, except for in additionalinfo, can put anything else that might make you sound moreconvincing.like:
'please do your best to recovermy account, i dont want to go and have to add all my friends again,it'd be a great help if you got it back for me, thank you in advance.'
obviously dont put exactly that, but you get the gist of it :)
Okay, i believe that is it, within 24 hoursyou will recieve an email from customer support, they will either giveyou a link to reset your (victims) password, or ask for you to send itagain with more info, as an email reply.and in that case, you donthave much luck, cause they can just get your IP address from the emailand know you're lying :) so try again, and hope you get a more gulliblestaff member. If you have firefox,