Hydra Hack Router Password Download

Posted : admin On 20.09.2021
  1. Hydra Hack Router Password Download Pc
  2. Hydra Hack Router Password Download Free

Hydra is a popular password cracker which can be used to crack passwords from various services such as http, ftp, telnet etc.

Hydra Hack Router Password Download Pc

Most of our internet is routed through a router which has a http interface. If you are using web browser, try typing or in the web browserand see if the authentication prompt is issues. If yes, it is prompted most probably from your router. Router web interface is useful to configure port forwarding for torrentsor if you want to play multiplayer online games such as AOE etc. If you do not know the password of your router, hacking using hydra can be fun and easy.

For example, if my router web interface is on, the simple command will be Wireless network hacker software download.

Here password.lst is the password list which contains the list of passwords to be bruteforced. admin is the username we will be trying for. The usernames can also be bruteforced with -L option.

Most routers have a default username and password. You can get an overview of all the commands used with Hydra by following: 'man hydra' (in terminal). First, you'll need to scan the open ports on the router. Use the following command: 'namp' (this is your router's IP address). I will use FTP here. THC Hydra Download – Fast & Flexible Network Login Hacking Tool. THC Hydra Download below, this software rocks, it’s pretty much the most up to date and currently developed password brute forcing tool around at the moment. Number one problem with security and people getting hacked are passwords, as every password security study shows. A brute-force attack is when attackers try to hack into a single account by guessing its password. It is possible to get a hit after trying just a few of the most common passwords. In this case, you can just crack the with Hydra, be sure you know the router name, and also a slight guess of what the password may be! Then create a possible crunch key for it, now all you need is the server IP for your router. Wireless Router Password Hack free download - Virtual Router Simplicity, Wifi Hacker, Linksys Wireless-G Broadband Router WRT54GS, and many more programs.

Password! password!! password!!
Password is a common security nowadays, you will find implemented everywhere, if you want to login on your account (Facebook Twitter LinkedIn etc), you will have to enter the correct username and password. There are other online services which is required username and password for getting connect for the example FTP, ssh, Telnet etc. Password is very common security widely used for securing data and accounts all over world.

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But sometime this password is creating trouble for users itself because In long time user does not use his correct credential for accessing services he will forget soon due to human tendency. I will tell you about a router password cracker tool which help you to recover router password.

So this time authorized user is feeling hopeless to access their services/account. I know the services owner provide alternative way to recover your account but sometime user doesn’t have such type of facility. so I am writing this article for those who have Forget it username and password of routers admin panel.

There are lots of the routers available in the market and have the different-different a security layers. Every security layer of security is protected by the password. and mostly such type of the router are used in a big organisations. but I am not talking about those routers I am talking about to the simple router which is used in the home and small offices. Maybe you are using such type of router for the Wi-Fi connectivity and accessibility.


Yeah you got right thing. All the settings have been done by administrator. but Sometime you have need to change the configuration of the router for example you want to change the Wi-Fi password, Mac filtering etc. In this case you have to access to the router’s configuration page over http.

For accessing router’s admin panel over the http you will have to enter the correct username and password. Then you can change such type of the configuration. You will access the router in the browser you will have to enter the default gateway IP address. if you don’t know about default gateway IP address then. you can check by running following commands in CMD.

ipconfig findstr /i “Gateway”

Hydra Hack Router Password Download Free

If you are using Kali Linux then you can run the following commands forgetting the default gateway
#route -n

Now you have IP address of the router and you can access admin panel why entering this IP address in browser,

The biggest problem is start from the here because it will ask for the username and password if you have the forgotten me your credential then you will not able to access router configuration page. so for getting know the correct username and password you can use Router password cracker tool hydra.

Hydra is just not only used for the cracking router password it will also help to crack another online services authentication. are you should follow the given steps.

Run Hydra-gtk Graphical User Interface:

  • Applications > Password Attacks > Online Attacks > Hydra-gtk
    Here you will find the Hydra is ready for cracking router password but to before start the attack you will have to make a some changes in configuration tabs

Configure Tab target:

  • First check on the single target and give the IP address of default gateway ( router’s IP address)
  • In a port option give port number 80
  • In protocol option give http-get

Configure Password tab:

First thing you will have to enter the username, are mostly we don’t know the username but you will find the username written on back side of your router sometime maybe the admin, administrator etc. I have found my username is admin. So I have entered the user name as admin
In a password section check on the password list and click over the blank space then the new window will be pop up there you will have to provide the location of word list or dictionary. I am using here the default dictionary in a Kali Linux named rockyou.txt. Click over blank space and go in a flying location Filesystem> usr > share > wordlists > rockyou.txt
Check all three

  • Try login as password
  • Try empty password
  • Try reversed login

Start TAB

Click on start


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