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Force the microphone volume to remain at a fixed value, with this lightweight, easy-to-use app that can be minimized to the system tray

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Certain applications actively alter your microphone volume, often making your voice much too loud or inaudible. This feature can’t always be disabled, so you may need a third-party app that can keep the volume where you want it.

Static Mic Volume is one such utility, an open-source program that monitors the volume of a selected microphone and ensures it stays at the same level. It is easy to configure and only runs in the system tray.

Force the volume of any microphone to stay at the same level

/download-hack-for-free-unlimited-talk-text-and-data/. Setting things up is remarkably straightforward, as you just need to select your mic from a drop-down list, set the desired volume and specify how often the program should perform a check.

Once you are done, you need to click the Start button to begin monitoring. Lastly, you can send the application to the system tray by clicking the Minimize button.

Unobtrusive utility that doesn’t require installation

After it is minimized to the system tray, the app performs regular checks to ensure the volume hasn’t been increased or decreased. If necessary, it sets the audio level back to the user-defined value.

However, your settings are not saved once the application is shut down, so you will have to configure everything again when it is restarted, as well as every time you reboot your computer.

It is worth pointing out that Static Mic Volume can be run by just unpacking the archive and launching the executable file. You don’t need to go through a setup process, making the utility very easy to deploy.

Simple but useful app for those who need to keep microphone volume at a certain level

All in all, Static Mic Volume does its job quite well, although it would help if it were capable of remembering your settings after shutdown. Nevertheless, it is very simple to configure and will not get in your way.

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Static Mic Volume

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Louder Volume Hack Apk Download Nanas Generator App

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Louder Volume Hack Apk Download Android

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