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Hacking is something which always excites us and to be honest learning hacking is not an easy task as it requires a lot of coding skill and other stuff. But why to worry. Here in this article are providing list of best hacking tools for windows, mac and linux using which you can easily do ethical hacking.

The hacking tools and software provided in this list are highly efficient and totally free of cost which means all you have to do is just read about every hacking tool given here and choose the best one for you.

Also, all the hacking tools and software included in our list are reviewed by some of the best ethical hackers of the world along with their reviews and customer feedbacks. The software and tools are used for many purposes like password cracking, location tracking, call location tracking and call tracing, web vulnerability scanning, etc.

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Best Hacking Tools and Software For Windows, Linux and Mac:

Tools mentioned in our list are the best hacking tools available online.

New hacking software for pc free. download full
  1. Metasploit:

Metasploit is one of the best hacking tool for windows and linux. The reason Metasploit is different than other hacking tools is that, it is not only an exploitative tool, but it also allows you to build and customize your devices. You will be able to pin-point the vulnerabilities of a lot of platforms on the internet quite easily by using this tool. This tool will help you in figuring out not only other’s weaknesses, but it will also allow you to sort out your system’s vulnerabilities.

More than 200,000 hackers update this tool throughout the globe. Which is why you will be able to learn more about the topic by taking notes from them quite quickly.

  1. Acunetix WVS:

Acunetix is one of the most popular web vulnerability scanners in the world which is used by the renowned ethical hackers. This hacking tool is responsible for figuring out malicious SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and other weaknesses of websites quite successfully. Most of the WordPress site owners use this tool to sort out more than 1200 defects on their website. The tool is also helpful in entering any site that is password protected because it comes with a Login Sequence Recorder. You will be able to lower the rate of false positivity of your website by using this tool quite efficiently.

The only drawback of this spectacularly competent tool is that it can be downloaded only if you have Windows XP or any other version of windows OS.

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  1. Wireshark:

Wireshark is famous among ethical hackers because it is one of the best hacking software for windows 10 and other OS. It is primarily a packet crafting tool that allows you to probe firewall rules and discover the weaknesses of any network quite quickly. As it is used by numerous cybersecurity branches of different authorities, you can be assured about its merit. It is also used for deep scanning of different protocols, network analyzation, live capturing of pockets, and others. Not only will you be able to access live data from Ethernet, but from FDDI, IEEE 802.11, Bluetooth, USB, Token Ring, and others as well.

You might also know Wireshark by the name TShark. It is the in-line command version of the tool.

  1. Nmap:

Nmap is the abbreviated form of the famous port scanner app Network Mapper. It is one of the most important open-source tool for hacking and security auditing, which is entirely free. Nmap primarily identifies the number of hosts available on any network by using raw IP packets. It also gets the minute details of their operating systems, services, categories of firewalls used, and others. The tool has been the winner of several different awards for the past several years. If you have seen movies like Die Hard 4 or the Matric Reloaded, you might have seen the usage of Nmap out there.

If you get the in-line command version of the tool, you can access the more advanced GUI version. You download this hacking tool only if you have Linux or Windows.

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Website Hacking software, free download

  1. OclHashcat:

If you are an ethical hacker, you know how many times in a day you have to crack passwords of different websites. But if you get the OclHashcat tool, you will be able to solve the said problem in a jiffy as it is one of the best and free hacking tool for pc that is mostly used for cracking passwords. The tool is primarily CPU-based, and in case you get the advanced version, it will use your GPU. OclHashcat is claimed to be the world’s only GPGPU-based engine which cracks passwords than any other tool in the world. This tool uses a combination of modes including a Hybrid mask plus dictionary, Brute-force, straight, and others to crack the passwords.

This tool has several different versions that can be downloaded in different operating systems.

  1. Maltego:

Maltego is primarily a forensic platform which is open-sourced. It is used to gather numerous information so that you can get to know about all the cyber threats surrounding you. The hacking tool is used by its users to figure out their infrastructure’s failure and weaknesses. It will also show the complexity of their systems.

Moreover, the tool also aptly analyses the links between companies, DNS names, IP addresses, websites, and others. As the tool runs on Java, it has a user-friendly graphical user interface. If you get this tool, you will not even have to worry about the customization fo the different aspects while scanning.

Like other tools in the list, this one can also be downloaded in different operating software like Linus, Windows and Mac.

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  1. Nessus:

Nessus is one of the best hacking software for pc which works on a framework between server and client. Moreover, as the tool is free, you will be able to scan the vulnerabilities of different networks quite quickly. The tool is developed by Tenable Network Security, which is the best in the market. As the tool comes in different versions, you will be able to use it in your home, cloud, office, and also in a professional setting. Not only will you be able to detect flaws in any system, but you can also configure alerts, PCI DSS audits preparations, detection of malware. These data searches are sensitive by using the software.

The tool is used to scan a variety of different networks, including hybrid, IPv4, and IPv6. It can be downloaded in Mac, Windows 8 and 7, Linux, and other OS.

  1. Netsparker:

Netsparker is one of the best web application scanners that are available online, which not only can induct local files but can also detect flaws in the injection of SQL and also suggest some apt remedies. You will not have to re-check any vulnerabilities by yourself if you use this tool, as it states an exploitation-proof. Even if it does not detect any fault automatically, it will surely alert you about that. The software is the most user-friendly software included in the list. As only after entering the URL, you will be able to scan that website quite quickly.

The tool not only supports AJAx, but it supports JavaScript applications as well. Even if you do not get the paid version of Netsparker, you will have no problem in accessing the free version of the software.

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  1. John The Ripper:

If you want to crack any password discreetly and safely, John The Ripper is the best option for you. As it offers one of the best hacking software, it is widely used by different ethical hackers from all across the world. The tool is primarily written using C programming language, and it uses different passwords cracking programs to process. It even uses different grant modules so that it could crack passwords that are encoded by encryption quite efficiently.

The tool can be accessed on different platforms, including OpenVMS, Unix, Linux, and Windows.

  1. Ghidra:

Ghidra is one of the best reverse engineering tool available online, which is now open-sourced as well. It is used to spot weaknesses and malware threats to different sites so that they could be protected in advance. As the tool uses a multi-user port, a large number of renowned researchers and engineers have collaborated to create the tool. It can reverse engineer even a single binary.

This hacking software not only works on Mac, but it works on Linux and different versions of Windows as well.

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Facebook Hacking Software For Pc

All the above mentioned tools in the list are some of the best hacking tools and software in the world. In case you are a beginner in ethical hacking, then this article by team TechUntech is the best one for you as all the best hacking tools provided above are free and you don’t have to pay anything to use them. Also, if you are a professional, then you can buy the paid version of these hacking tools and software in order to access some important programs and parts which are useful for professionals only.

Password Hacking software, free download

Note: We are not promoting any type of illegal hacking or any illegal aspects of cybersecurity.