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Posted : admin On 21.09.2021
  1. Overdrive Hack Apk Download
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Overdrive 2 MOD (Money/Diamond). OverDrive 2 MOD APK is an action-packed hack-and-slash platform game in a cyberpunk-styled universe. Shadow Cyberpunk City is an excellent hack-and-slash platform game that will have you playing for hours on end.

In the future, a strong, outstanding speciesis created from the combination of humans, technology and blackmetal.
The government names them “shadow cyborg”, and allows every sectorto have their own shadow security force (S.E.F), but all of themehave to be controlled by the Headquarter placed in Centurycity.
Everything seems so perfect, til the day Headquarter is underattacked by a Dark Clan.
CORE, a senior cyborg soldier discovers the plot too late.
The Lord Commander of S.E.F is hacked, he slays his soldier andreplace them by new shadow cyborg generation to take over thegovernment.
After the attack, CORE joins the rebel and heads to the cityseeking revenge for his comrades and destroying the DarkClan.
Overdrive is a combination hack n slash and action platformer withmany weapons available: sword, buster sword, spear, twindagger…with unique built-in combos.
Starting from the Dark Forest, you will face dangerous enemies andtraps. In the fight, use your skill to avoid attack and makeextraordinary combos.

Overdrive Hack Apk Download


FEATURES of Overdrive – Ninja Shadow Revenge game:
– Tutorial for newbie makes sure every player can know how toplay
– Playable OFFLINE
– Smooth game control experience
– Discover poweful combos in each weapon, make game full of fun andsuprising.
– Upgrade, customize & equip your hero with epic weapons &armor suits and more!
– Ultra-stunning scifi graphic & effect
– Giant boss with unique attack.

Overdrive Hack Apk Download Free

FIGHTING of Overdrive game:
– The screen’ll locked when enemies appear in the screen & youneed to destroy numerous waves of enemies to continue goingahead.
– Using avoiding skills to survive? Killing enemies madly?
– Exploting traps & platforms to kill them?
– There are many strategies to handle them.

– Not only combat but also challenge your self to complete eachlevel with many dangerous platforms.

– Using different weapons ( Sword, Buster Sword, Spear,…) withtheir perfect combos bring unforgetable hack and slash gameexperience.
– Players can pick their best weapons and also upgrade weapons tounlock new stronger combos.

Overdrive 2 Hack Apk Download

– Amazing scifi high quality graphic makes sure you will besuprised.
– It’s 2 available modes to set suitable graphic for yourphone.

Overdrive Premium Mod Apk Download


Have any question or feedback to make the game better? Please letus know.
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Email: [email protected]
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