Pokemon Light Platinum Gba Hack Free Download

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Pokemon Lite Platinum Edition is a ROM hack of Pokemon Ruby developed by Wesley. You must be amazed by the amazing feature of Pokemon Light Platinum. The game is based on Pokemon Ruby, full of cool new graphics, exciting game play, beautifully crafted music, events, items, new Pokemon, and more. The original and outdated Ruby Game version is relatively boring but it can definitely take your Pokemon gaming to the next level. In Platinum, players control the role of a man or a woman and start with one of the three Pokemon given by Professor Rowan.

Free direct download for Pokemon GBA ROMs. Pokemon Light Platinum (hack) Region: Zhery(fan made) size=6.21 MB. Pokemon-lightplatinumversionu.zip: File Size. Download Pokemon GBA.zip and extract the file; Open the MyBoy! Emulator and search for the game file (.gba) Have a nice play! How to Download? Click 'Unduh', then you will be directed to a new page. Scroll down look for the word 'Aku dan kamu katanya kita, tapi kok ada dia.' Then click and you can download save data via GoogleDrive. Download Pokemon Light Platinum DS, a popular Pokemon DS rom hack. This game is the remake of the successful GBA rom hack called Pokemon Light Platinum. Mega evolution In Pokemon Light Platinum (self.PokemonROMhacks) submitted 1 year ago. by XxLuffyxXxX I recently got light platinum again after a long time and I found a light platinum plus rom.

The amulet is Pokemon Giratina, which plays a central role in the Pokemon game plot. Although it had only one shape in Diamond and Pearl, it has been given a new alternate shape, with a new area of ​​the perverted world in which the altered physics of Sinai’s mainland, where it is the game, happens. Players discover a large area, ranging from mountains to water, grassy areas, populated areas and icy stretches. Like previous titles, players also have Pokemon Fight Turn-based battles against other Pokemon.

Story Of The Game

Like Diamond and Pearl, platinum is located in the imaginary region of Sinnoh. In platinum, snow falls on the ground where it was not found in diamond and pearl, and when compared to diamond and pearl designs, the player’s character and player’s rivalry are dressed for cold weather. Pokemon Platinum introduces a number of new elements, for the most part, while maintaining the same plot as Diamond and Pearl.

Two new roles have been introduced, the first being Charon, a scientist at Team Galactic, and the second is a “locker” under the code name of Detective Team Galactic. However, the player can still get both Delga and Palkia, while in Diamond and Pearl, the player could only catch Giratina and the mascot of the respective game


Pokemon has awesome features with platinum adventure elements. Its basic mechanics are the same ones found in Diamond and Pearl. The gameplay is in the third-person overhead view, and it has three main screens: a field map, in which the player rotates the main character. A battle screen; and menu, in which the player can create their own party, items, or gameplay settings. Players start the game with a Pokemon and can gain more Trips by using PokeBalls.

The player can also use his Pokemon to fight another opponent Pokemon. When the player is faced by a wild Pokemon, or by a trainer, he is ready for a fight. When challenged, the screen turns into a turn-based battle screen where a Pokemon battle takes place. During a fight, the player can run, use an item, switch active Pokemon, or escape. Running in battles against trainers is not an option. All Pokemon Hit Points; When the Pokemon’s hit points decrease to zero, it faints and cannot fight unless it is restored by a Pokemon skill or something.

If the player’s Pokemon defeats the competitive Pokemon by fainting, they gain experience points. After collecting enough experience points, this level will be up. When Pokemon reaches a certain level, most Pokemon are ready for the new generation of Pokemon. Aside from fighting, capturing Pokemon is one of the most important elements of Pokemon gameplay. Although other trainers’ Pokemon cannot be captured, the player can use PokeBalls on wild Pokemon during the battle.

A successful capture adds the Pokemon to the player’s active party or stores it in the PC if the player already has more than six Pokemon. Factors that increase the success rate include the Pokemon target hit points and the strength of the Pokemon used. Platinum features a wrist watch like the device Poketch, introduced Diamond and Pearl. Platinum also has an underground mode, where players can dig for spheres and fossils.

New Features Of The Game

Features of Pokemon Light Platinum is given bellow:

  • Travel to two new territories Zhery and Lauren
  • New leaders and elite four are included
  • New competitors are included
  • Pokemon from all regions (Johto, Kanto, Hoenn, Sinnoh)
  • You can travel to other new areas
  • Can capture all Pokemon Legends
  • All new sprites are included
  • All new events are included
  • All new tiles are included
  • New Final Event: Pokemon World Championship
  • And last, easy to play, save your GBA emulator – VBA and enjoy playing like an NDS game.

Pokemon Light Platinum Cheats

Pokemon Lite Platinum is a hacked version of Pokemon Ruby so you can commonly use Pokemon Ruby cheat as Pokemon Light Platinum Cheat. We will give you the Pokemon Lite Platinum GameShark Codes to help you to complete this game faster and if you don’t have much time to play such as Pokemon Light Platinum Rare Candy Chat, Pokemon Chat Code Catching, Pokemon Light Platinum Unlimited Master Ball Cheat.

Note: Please check about your emulator before using the cheats because some emulators don’t allow the use of cheats.

How to use Platinum Cheats on VBA

  • Run the VisualBoyAdvance.exe file on the window.
  • At the bottom of the welcome screen, open your Pokemon Light Platinum GBA ROM.
  • Now you can load the save game, go to any Pokemon center and access your PC.
  • On the VBA screen, please select the “Cheat” menu next to the “Cheat list”.
  • Press the OK button and then click on “GameShark”. And below is the GameShark input screen.
  • Enter the fraud code on your wish list. You can enter the code, then add another code, no limit.

When Cheats Are Not Working in Pokemon Light Platinum

If you are using Game Shark Cheat in Pokemon Lite Platinum, here are some tips to help you overcome your GameShark cheats:

  • Enter GameShark codes without spaces between characters.
  • Enter the code in the “Capital” characters.
  • Pokemon games are other GameShark codes that require “master code” to work properly. Regularly try entering master codes before entering game shark codes.
  • If you are inquiring about getting specific Pokemon after entering the code, just go to the places where wild Pokemon usually appear in grasses, in water and in caves and find the item to work with. Avoid using “repel”.
  • If you have entered Master Ball Cheat, go to any Pokemon Center and open your personal item storage using Pokemon in your PC. Master balls should appear in your storage.
  • Change your GameShark setting from “auto-detect” to “GameShark”.
  • Avoid using deception, especially from regressive to docs, for legendary Pokemon. There are instances where this cheat code for legendary Pokemon will only make your game freeze and tarnish.
  • If you have used cheating for rare candies, they usually appear in the first item in your bag. Note that before using the rare candy cheat, store all your belongings in your storage.
  • Check the compatibility of your GameShark codes. Some codes only work for the latest version of GameShark, while some GameShark codes work for previous versions.

Legendary Cheats in Pokemon Light Platinum

There are a total of 39 legendary Pokemon in the Pokemon Lite Platinum version but in which some cheats are given below:

Pokemon Light Platinum Gba Hack Free Download Windows 10

  • Arceus
  • Giratina
  • Palkia
  • Dialga
  • Rayquaza
  • Groudon
  • Kyogre
  • Darkrai
  • Cresselia
  • Deoxys

Use Walkthrough Walk Cheats in Pokemon Light Platinum

Pokemon Light Platinum Gba Hack Free Download

Super paper mario 64 rom hack download. If you want to use the “Walkthrough Walls” cheats in Pokemon Lite Platinum for the Game Boy Visual Advance then follow these steps:

Pokemon Light Platinum Gba Rom Hack Free Download

  • The first thing we need to do is open the emulator by double-clicking on it.
  • Then, press the “File” icon and click “Open”.
  • Now, find the game and open it.
  • When the game loads, copy the cheat code.
  • Open “Cheats” and then “Cheats list”
  • Open GameShark then enter the code in the code section
  • You can say whatever you want by typing in “Description”
  • Press the “OK” icon and press “OK” one more time.
  • Now, if you guide the character towards the obstacles, he will go through them all.
  • To disable the cheat, press the “Cheats” icon and then open “Cheat List”.
  • Click and drag the mouse on the Check Lists list.
  • Click “Enable / Disable” to disable them and then press the “OK” icon.
  • Go to the next square and open the Cheats.
  • Click “Cheat List” and press the mouse click and drag on unchecked cheat.
  • Click “Enable / Disable” to re-enable the code and press the “OK” icon.