Realm Of The Mad God Hacked Client Download

Posted : admin On 21.09.2021
Check out this fantastic new Realm of The Mad God Hack! Lets you run around at level 1 killing gods without worry! Get to level 20 faster than ever, and kill Orynx in less than 20 minutes, and all for free!
  • Want the Hacked Client experience for RotMG Exalt? Experience all the essentials and much more with our fully featured proxy hacks! The spiritual successor to the 059 Client for Flash. The software available for download on this page is hand made by RealmStock.
  • Realm of the Mad God hacks can be found at our forum. is a community with the purpose to develop and publish new hacks and cheats for mmos just like Realm of the Mad God. If you are looking to download any hacks or similar means.
  • Realm of the mad god - Nilly's 21.0.1 Hacked Client with in-game GUI. Well this is an update to the #21.0.1 client released at MPGH a few days ago, posted here as requested by a fellow user who messaged me. Aim assist is now vastly improved. So much so that Nilly questioned whether it would be a good idea to release.
This is a hacked client, so when you download it you will no longer play the game in your browser, it will be through the hacked client itself.

The proxy can run along side any ROTMG hacked client, and allows you to easily add custom hacks and features to Realm of the Mad God. There are many different scripts already available for K Relay- it is even relatively easy to create your own custom scripts. Click here to download the free ROTMG proxy hack, and to view K Relay scripts on our.

The hack is split in to different 'Modes', each of which has a different health % at which it will automatically teleport you back to the nexus! They range from 'Hero Mode' -AutoNexus off, to 'Mega-Noob Mode' - AutoNexus at 50% health. Of course there are options for every 10% in between.
Feel free to download all of the modes here:, Or check out the video below to see it in action, and download any of the modes individually as well.
To Toggle Auto fire/aim On/off press the auto fire hotkey (default F).

Download Links:
All Modes:
Hero Mode (Auto Nexus off):
Brave Mode (Auto Nexus 10%hp):
Corageous Mode (Auto Nexus 20%hp):
Meh Mode (Auto Nexus 30%hp):
Noob Mode (Auto Nexus 40%hp):
MEGA Noob Mode (Auto Nexus 50%hp):
Here are some of the current working hacks:
1. No-Clip - This will allow you to walk through any object! You may have tons of fun, walking through walls, and scaring your friends, as well as the people watching. You can also get a bunch of people to TP out there! There are as well a few easter eggs in the Vault room that you will be able to access with No-Clip! Now normally Rogues and Tricksters can only make it out to the secret island in the vault! With no clip, you will be able to easily escape the vault walls with ANY class!
2. Auto-Aim, Auto Fire, Custom aim, Custom fire - Okay so I'm sure you guys have noticed with hacks like LiTHiuM that they have Auto-Aim, and Auto-Fire, as well as Custom Fire; now all custom fire means, is that you can aim and shoot wherever you please! One of the defects to the Cube client, is that you are unable to aim and shoot. The Trinity hacked client is just as good as the regular LiTHiuM, but with No-Clip!!! So as you may already know, you may press the button i to enable auto aim, and auto fire. This makes it to where you no longer need to click! It's accuracy is off the chart as well! Now this is 100% undetectable, and has a 0% chance of ban. So go crazy!!!
3. Auto Nexus - Auto Nexus will take you to nexus at a certain percentage (%) of health!
I will be releasing 6 different clients!
1. Hero mode -
Hero mode has the Auto Nexus Disabled! That means that you WILL DIE if you play without auto nexus, you are one very deserving hacker, and pat yourself on the back, and have fun dying! BE PROUD TO PLAY IN HERO MODE!
(Hero mode has ALL hacks enabled, except for Auto Nexus! You will still be able to use the Auto Aim, auto fire, and custom aim and fire)
2. Brave mode -
Brave mode has Auto Nexus set to 10% when your health reaches 10% you will be teleported home! While this may sound incredibly safe, it's not! Do not rely on 10% auto nexus to save you! If you get ganged by big bosses, they could take down your health extremely fast, and kill you before you teleport to the nexus! Use this through about level 10! If you want to continue after that, then you are very BRAVE!
3. Courageous -
Courageous mode has Auto Nexus set to 20% this is a good percentage to have it set to, however it is still pretty risky!
To use 20% you are very Courageous and hardly fear death!
4. Meh -
Meh mode has Auto Nexus set to 30% this is the regular mode for hackers! If you just want to be in the normal of hackers, then use the Meh mode.
To use 30% Auto nexus, makes you a normal hacker Meh.
5. Noob -
Noob mode is for the absolute afraid people. It has Auto Nexus set to 40% use this if you are very scared of dying! I mean seriously? Are you going to get ganged by a bunch of high level mobs? Seriously? Alright well it's your decision,
Mega noob mode has Auto Nexus set to 50% if you lose half your health you will be teleported to the Nexus! But there's only one question.. Why are you so OMEGA NOOB?



Realm Of The Mad God Hacked Client Download 1.12.2

Realm of The Mad god is really awesome multiplayer game. The best part is that this game can be played inside web browser. There is no need to download any game client. Like in most online games, players are using various hacks and cheats. Sometimes rotmg hacks can be quite useful and make game even more fun to play.

There are few types of ROTMG hacks. First type is called hacked clients. These clients usually has awesome features like god mode, etc. Another type is bots. It’s not actually hacks. You can set bot to do stuff in ROTMG you usually bored to do and left pc running over night. Bot will farm or sell your items while you will be sleeping. In the past there was a way to use cheat engine in order to hack rotmg, however this way is patched long time ago and there is not chance to cheat using this technique any more.

Realm of the mad god hacked client download

Today I am going to show you latest realm of the mad god hacks. This hack is really simple. It is coded in C++ programming language. That means that any computer with Windows operation system can run this hack without downloading any additional software (like NET framework). I got this hack from a friend who is really good at programming. Please keep in mind that this hack is not public and you can only download realm of the mad god hacks here (it is official website).

There are 4 main features: hp and mp adder. It is really useful and can save you from death. Another cool feature is minus debufs. It will clear all debufs in no time. If you want to get items, there is items spawer – but it’s very dangerous to use this, because your account can be banned in no time! The last one is my favorite. I bet that many players know this cheat. It will send your char to nexus whenever you HP level is low.

I hope you liked my post about ROTMG hacks. Please comment what hacks you are using in rotmg!