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We are experiencing an issue where some of the Outlook 2010 clients are not in sync with the Exchange server 2010. Send email from outlook - the email is not in the 'sent items' folder on the client but is on the server and gets delivered. Log into webmail and get a popup for meetings that were 3 weeks ago.

  • This will read the value out of the file./ca.crt and save it into /.flyrc so you don't have to pass it on every login invocation. If your Concourse instance is protected by a proxy server requiring client certificates, you can use -client-cert and -client-key to point to where your certificate is stored.
  • The Sync desktop application is available for Windows and Mac operating systems. When you install Sync on your computer the app will create a special Sync folder. The Sync folder works just like any other folder, and provides the following features: Files in the Sync folder are backed up to the cloud automatically.
  • Src/server/client.js - Server's model of a user, as connected to it In theory you can hack around with main.js renderScene and src/common/mygame.js and be able to make something. After rewriting common code, you will need to restart your server before reconnecting (or you will get out of sync problems).

Sometimes there are issues due to what SQL Server has stored in its cache. Here are some possible reasons which may create cachingperformance issues.

  • Ad-hoc Query workload issues due to cache bloat
  • Excessive use of dynamic T-SQL code
  • Server has insufficient memory or not properly assigned to SQL instances
  • Memory pressure generated due to heavy long running transactions
  • Server has frequent recompilation events

When issues such as these are found you may need to flush the plan cache or buffer cache.So in this tip we look at different ways to flush the SQL Server cache.


Iwill explain different commands that you can use to manage what is in the cache.


This command allows you to clear the plan cache, a specific plan or a SQLServer resource pool.


  • plan handle uniquely identifies a query plan for a batch that has executed and whose plan resides in the plan cache.
  • sql_handle is the SQL handle of the batch to be cleared. sql_handle is varbinary(64).
  • pool_name is the name of a Resource Governor resource pool.


Flush the entire plan cache for a SQL Server instance.

Flush the plan cached for an entire instance, but suppress the output messages.

To flush a specific resource pool, we can use this command to see how muchmemory is being used for each resource pool.

Then with the output above, we can specify the specific resource pool to flushas follows.

We can also flush a single query plan. To do this we need to first get the plan_handle fromthe plan cache as follows:

Then we can use the plan_handle as follows to flush that one query plan.


This allows you to clear the plan cache for a specific database.



Flush the database plan cache for database MyDB.


Releases all unused cache entries from all caches. You can use this commandto manually remove unused entries from all caches or from a specific ResourceGovernor pool.



The following example uses the MARK_IN_USE_FOR_REMOVAL clause to release entries from all current caches once the entries become unused.

Flush the ad hoc and prepared plan cache for the entire server instance.

Clear all table variables and temp tables cached.

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Clear for a specific user database.

Remove the tempdb cache.


Flushes the distributed query connection cache used by distributed queries against an instance of SQL Server.




DBCC FLUSHAUTHCACHE flushes the database authentication cache maintained information regarding login and firewall rules for the current user database. This commandcannot run in the master database, because the master database maintains the physical storage information regarding login and firewall rules.


Using sp_recompile

For specific objects that are cached, we can pass a procedure name, trigger, table,view, function in the current database and it will be recompiled next time it isrun.





You can also clear the plan cache for the current database using ALTERDATABASE as shown below. This is new in SQL Server 2016.



Use DBCC DROPCLEANBUFFERS to test queries with a cold buffer cache without shutting down and restarting the server.


  • WITH NO_INFOMSGS - Suppresses all informational messages. Informational messages are always suppressed on SQL Data Warehouse and Parallel Data Warehouse.
  • COMPUTE - Purge the query plan cache from each Compute node.
  • ALL - Purge the query plan cache from each Compute node and from the Control node. This is the default if you do not specify a value.
Next Steps
  • Check out these other performance related tips Performance Tips.
  • Reference Link used for more clarification aboutthese command.
  • Please be careful while flushing the cache. This can impact overallperformance and it is best to first test with a development or QA environment beforerunning in production.

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