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The Gear Editor lists all of your gear and allows you to modify all attriubtes of the gear freely. You can change the number of unlocked slots, the abilities on it and more. It is also possible to delete/add gear to your inventory! It is also possible to change the main ability of most of your gear, but be aware that the gear with.

Splatoon 2 is everything that fans wanted from it- a bigger, better take on the original game’s formula, that doesn’t rock the boat much. But whether you are a veteran of the Turf Wars, or a newcomer, you’re probably going to be positively overwhelmed at just how much there is to Splatoon 2. There’s a wealth of modes, mechanics, and content waiting to be unearthed and uncovered, and while you can try learning it yourself as you go along, the game itself makes little to no effort to actually explain it all to you.

That’s where we come in- in this guide, we walk you through everything in the game. Basic tips and tricks, gear, bosses, multiplayer modes, leveling up faster, unlimited money cheat, infinite experience points (XP) cheat, Amiibo unlocks, collectibles and their locations and more. So let’s get started.


Splatoon 2 is a team based third person shooter, but it’s unlike most other third person shooters in the market, in that it’s more about territory control than it is about anything else. Here are some basic tips and tricks for you to find your footing in the game:

Experiment with the controls. Splatoon 2 has motion controls on by default, but you don’t have to play with them on. You can switch to traditional dual analog, or you can mess around with the sensitivities. Experiment until you find a control scheme that suits you.

Buy new gear! New clothes, headgear, footwear, buy as much of it whenever you get the chance. The gear you start out with is basic- as you level up, you get access to gear that allows for multiple abilities and perks, which can make a lot of difference in online games. So don’t hoard money, and buy new stuff as soon as you can.

Play the single player. Yes, Splatoon 2 has a single player campaign, and it’s pretty good. It’s not just a good diversion, it will also catch you up with the nuances and specificities to most of the weapon types in the game. If you are new to Splatoon 2, starting out here is absolutely recommended.

Map recon! In the lobby, you will find an option to perform ‘recon’. This option lets you get familiar with the map that is available in rotation at the moment, so you’re not caught by surprise by its layout. The first few times you play, absolutely perform map recon before you jump into playing games online, just so yo know what you’re doing.

Super jump. Super jump lets you either jump back to your home base, or to any player on your team on the map. You Super Jump by pressing X to pull up the map, and then selecting your teammate (or home base) you want to jump to. You can use Super Jump to not only not have to go all the way across the map, but to save time, or get out of a sticky situation where you’re surrounded by enemies. Learn to do it quickly!

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Splatting enemies is still important. Splatoon 2 is not like traditional shooters where it is about killcount- but where you get the chance, you should absolutely kill (er, splat) people from the other team. Not only do they explode in a splash of your color, winning you points and territory, but you also get them out of the game, meaning they can cover less ground while they wait to respawn.


Like just about every modern Nintendo game, Splatoon 2 has Amiibo compatibility. Splatoon 2 is compatible with the Amiibo that came alongside the original game, as well as the new line of Amiibo made specifically for Splatoon 2. They don’t unlock much of substance, with one exception, and to use them, you need to walk to the Amiibo booth in Inkopolis Square. Here’s a guide to the unlocks:

  • Inkling Girl (Splatoon 2): School Cardigan, the Squid Clip-Ons, and Fringed Loafers
  • Inkling Boy (Splatoon 2): Squinja Suit, Squinja Mask, and Squinja Boots
  • Inkling Girl: School Uniform, Squid Hairclip, and the School Shoes
  • Inkling Boy: Samurai Jacket, Samurai Helmet, and Samurai Boots
  • Inkling Squid: Power Armor, Power Mask, and Power Boots
  • Marie: Armor Jacket Replica, Armor Helmet Replica, and Armor Boot Replicas
  • Inkling Squid (Splatoon 2): Power Armor Mk 1, Power Mask Mk 1, and Power Boots Mk 1
  • Callie: Hero Jacket Replica, Hero Headset Replica, and Hero Runner Replicas


Splatoon 2 continues the original game’s tradition of some fantastic boss battles in the single player campaign. These bosses require you to put everything you have learned regarding movement, stealth, and your weapon’s capabilities, to the test to emerge victorious.

There are five bosses:

  • Octo Oven
  • Octo Samurai
  • Octostomp
  • Octo Shower
  • Octobot King II (Dj Octavio feat. Callie) Final Boss

The video below will show you how to get the better of all of them.


Gear in Splatoon plays a major part- not only does it give you abilities and perks that can crucially make the difference in battle, but it’s also hugely significant in the game’s lore as well. First, let’s walk you through the basics:

  • There are three kinds of gear- Headgear, Clothes, and Footwear
  • Each Gear can have up to three ability slots
  • Gear has rarity ranging from 1 star to 3 stars. The rarity corresponds directly with the number of ability slots available to that gear- so 1 star gear gets one ability slot, and 3 star gear gets three ability slots.
  • Gear is bought from three different shops in Inkopolis Square. The inventory changes daily
  • Each gear has one main ability, and a sub ability it unlocks randomly after you level it up with XP
  • You can reroll the sub abilities by using the Shells you collect during Splatfests

This apart, gear is also sold by major competing brands- and the main abilities that are likely for your gear is dependant on the brand you buy.

Enperry has Sub Power Up as a common ability, and Ink Resistance Up as an uncommon ability.

Inkline branded Gear has Bomb Defence Up as the common ability, and Cold-Blooded as the uncommon one.

Annaki has Cold Blooded as a common ability, and Special Saver as an uncommon one.

Firefin has Sub Ink Saver as a common ability, and Ink Recovery Up as an uncommon one.

Rockenberg has Run Speed Up as a common ability, and Swim Speed Up as an uncommon one.

Forge branded gear has Special Power Up as the common ability, and Sub Ink Saver as the uncommon one.

Krak-On has Swim Speed Up as the common ability, and Bomb Defence Up as the uncommon one.

Takoroka has Special Charge Up as the common ability, and Special Power Up as the uncommon one.

Skalop has Quick Respawn as the common ability, and Special Saver as the uncommon one.

Zink jas Quick Super Jump as the common ability, and Quick Respawn as the uncommon one.

Splash Mob has Main Ink Saver as the common ability, and Run Speed Up as the uncommon one.

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Zekko hasSpecial Saver as a common ability, and Special Charge Up as uncommon.

SquidForce has Ink Resistance Up as a common ability, and Main Ink Saver as an uncommon one.

Tentatek has Ink Recovery Up as the common ability, and Quick Super Jump as the uncommon one.

Toni Kensa has Cold-Blooded as the common ability, and Sub Power Up as the uncommon one.


Splatoon 2‘s single player campaign is structured like a 3D platformer, which means there are a lot of collectibles to collect. In this section of the guide, we walk you through getting them all.


Sunken Scrolls

Kettle Locations

Food Truck Ticket Locations

  • Suction Cup Lookout Overworld: Crate next to the tall brick platform that leads to Level 6 entrance
  • Suction Cup Level 5: Raised platform to the left after the third checkpoint
  • Beaker’s Depot Octoseeker Shakedown: Use the Octoseeker to reach the top of the pillar
  • Level 14 Parking Garage: Climb up the first two bridges, and smash the crate on the uninkable blocks
  • Level 15 Octoling Assault: Near the mini zapfish, back left from your spawn point


Hero Weapons

Hero Weapons are more powerful variations of their weapon types. These are incredibly hard to obtain- you get them by playing through the single player campaign, but unlocking them also makes them available in the multiplayer modes.

To unlock them, you need to:

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  • Help Sheldon test out weapons during the campaign
  • Complete all 27 lairs
  • Take down all five bosses
  • Complete the entire campaign with the Hero weapon you want to unlock- so you will have to replay the campaign multiple times if you want all Hero Weapons unlocked

Here are the first time the Hero weapons are made available to you- depending on which one you want, it’ll take you a while to get to them:

  • Hero Shot – found in Lair 1
  • Hero Roller – found in Lair 4
  • Hero Dualies – found in Lair 5
  • Hero Charge – found in Lair 6
  • Hero Slosher – found in Lair 10
  • Hero Splatling – found in Lair 13
  • Hero Blaster – found in Lair 19
  • Hero Brella – found in Lair 20
  • Hero Brush – found in Lair 22

Upgrading Weapons

Upgrading weapons in Splatoon 2 is extremely easy:

  • Complete the third lair
  • Defeat the first boss
  • Use the Ammo Knights Enhancifier to enhance your weapons at Sheldon’s


Gear in Splatoon 2 gives you abilities, which can give you various perks and disadvantages. Here’s what each ability does- knowing which ones you want can help you select the gear you want:

  • Ink Saver (Sub): Reduces ink usage of the sub-ability for your weapon by 75%
  • Special Charge Up: Your Special meter fills up 30% faster
  • Quick Respawn: Respawn faster
  • Haunt: Marks the player who splatted you and makes them visible to everyone on your team for 12 seconds
  • Respawn Punisher: Increases respawn time for you and your opponent who splatted you
  • Drop Roller: Perform a roll after a Super Jump
  • Stealth Jump: Hides your landing spot for Super Jumps
  • Special Saver: Your Special meter suffers a smaller penalty when you are splatted
  • Swim Speed Up: Swim speed up by 25% in squid form
  • Run Speed Up: Run speed up by 50% in human form
  • Ink Saver (Main): Reduces the amount of ink usage of the Main Weapon by up to 60%
  • Quick Super Jump: Super Jump faster
  • Sub Power Up: Use Sub weapons faster than normal
  • Cold Blooded: Makes you harder to track for enemies
  • Tenacity: Refills your Special gauge if your team has more players waiting to respawn than the other team
  • Comeback: Enhances the effects of ‘Ink Saver Main’, ‘Ink Saver Sub’, ‘Ink Recovery Up’, ‘Run Speed Up’, and ‘Swim Speed Up’ for 20 seconds after respawning
  • Thermal Ink: Lets you track enemy players you have shot
  • Ability Doubler: Doubles all your Sub abilities. Only available during Splatfests
  • Ink Resistance Up: When standing in enemy ink, you suffer only 20% reduction in speed, and suffer half damage
  • Bomb Defense Up: Literally does what it says
  • Opening Gambit: Enhances the effects of ‘Run Speed Up’ and ‘Swim Speed Up’ for the first 30 seconds of a match


Splatoon 2 has several multiplayer modes. In this section of the guide, we talk about them all:

  • Turf War: The signature multiplayer mode of the game, and one that is played Unranked, and is available right at the start. Turf War requires you to cover the most ground in a 3 minute timed match. Turf War progression is linked to your Level.
  • Tower Control: Claim control of a tower by inking it in your team’s color, and riding it to your enemy’s base. Tower Control is a ranked mode, and available only after you reach Level 10
  • Rainmaker: Try to claim control of a powerful weapon. Rainmaker is a ranked mode, and available only after you reach Level 10
  • Splat Zones: Take control of objectives on the map and try to hold them. Splat Zones is a ranked mode, and available only after you reach Level 10
  • Salmon Run: A horde mode that tasks you with surviving three waves of enemies, and cooperating with teammates to recover as many eggs as possible. Salmon Run is only available at certain periods to play online- check Splat Net for specific information!

Each Ranked Mode has its own letter grade progression, separate from your overall level; Salmon Run has its own Rank progression; ranking up in Ranked Mode eventually unlocks League Battle, which lets you play Ranked Mode with your teams.


Everything in Splatoon ties to your level- the gear you get and the weapons you use, even the modes available to you. As a result, you probably want to level up as fast as you can. Here are some basic tips and tricks:

  • Play Turf War. Lots of it. Simply finishing a game will give you all the points you earned in the match as XP, plus a +300 finishing bonus, plus another bonus if you got at least 400p during the game
  • During the leveling up period, focus on the weapons that can cover the most ground quickest. In other words- something like a Roller is great, something like a Splattershot is not (and is probably best saved for Ranked modes)
  • It goes without saying, but cover as much ground as possible! Turf War is absolutely not about splatiing opponents- while that gives you some points, you want to cover the ground as much as possible
  • Which leads us to the next point- ignore the walls. They don’t count towards your overall point score
  • Play the single player campaign- it gives you multipliers that help you level up quicker in Turf War


Okay, so money is used to buy gear, and XP is used to earn levels. Obviously, you want to maximize your net gains of both as much as you can- the videos below will walk you through that:


Splatoon 2 and the Octo Expansion DLC are playable. Performance is currently sub-par compared to most other titles on yuzu. A machine with decent hardware is recommended.


  • Using assembly shaders causes multiple rendering issues with shading and Inkling bodies on NVIDIA Pascal and Maxwell GPUs (i.e. GeForce 9- and 10-series) [issue].
  • Asynchronous shader compilation randomly causes terrain to become unnavigable as if covered by enemy ink [issue]. It also may cause certain objects/areas to not respond to user ink.
  • The game’s dynamic resolution hurts performance. Enable Fast GPU Time to mitigate it.
  • The Vulkan backend has additional rendering issues.
  • Asynchronous shader compilation can also cause more issues in the Vulkan backend.
  • Sounds that are supposed to have varying pitches may have a constant pitch (needs verification).
  • In the Octo Expansion DLC, there are slowdowns in some levels when many opponents are displayed.
  • Local wireless and online multiplayer does not work as the necessary services are not implemented in yuzu.

Recommended Configuration:

  • OpenGL tends to work better for this game.
  • For NVIDIA Maxwell and Pascal GPU users (i.e. GeForce 9- and 10-series), disable assembly shaders. NVIDIA GPU users of all other supported architectures (i.e. Kepler, Turing) should enable assembly shaders.
  • Disable asynchronous shader compilation.
  • Enable Fast GPU Time.
  • Controller configuration: Pro Controller or Dual Joycons and set up motion controls if you have a gamepad that supports it.

In-Game Screenshots

Vulkan rendering issues

Known Issues

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Build DateTested ByHardwareVersionRating
06/6/2021 Matharuon 06/14/2021 Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2100 CPU @ 3.10GHz
Mainline Build
04/17/2021 galax20002on 04/17/2021Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7600K CPU @ 3.80GHz
GeForce GTX 980/PCIe/SSE2
EarlyAccess Build
04/12/2021 aUson 04/15/2021Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-10700F CPU @ 2.90GHz
EarlyAccess Build
04/3/2021 lucodyneon 04/04/2021AMD Ryzen 5 5600X 6-Core Processor
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070
Mainline Build
02/19/2021 IgelRMon 02/20/2021AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Six-Core Processor
GeForce GTX 1060 6GB/PCIe/SSE2
Mainline Build
12/25/2020 Dillon_Lankfordon 12/25/2020Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-1035G1 CPU @ 1.00GHz
Intel(R) UHD Graphics
Mainline Build
12/18/2020 JahredPogion 12/19/2020AMD Ryzen 3 2200G with Radeon Vega Graphics
AMD Radeon(TM) Vega 8 Graphics
Mainline Build
11/29/2020 galax20002on 12/09/2020Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700 CPU @ 3.40GHz
GeForce GTX 980/PCIe/SSE2
EarlyAccess Build
09/15/2020 lane13on 09/15/2020AMD Ryzen 5 2400G with Radeon Vega Graphics
GeForce GTX 1070 Ti/PCIe/SSE2
Mainline Build
09/15/2020 lane13on 09/15/2020AMD Ryzen 5 2400G with Radeon Vega Graphics
GeForce GTX 1070 Ti/PCIe/SSE2
Mainline Build

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