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Posted : admin On 20.09.2021

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  1. Tetris Battle Hack No Download

This is a 2 player hack for the NES version of Tetris. In order to accomplish this, the ROM was converted from MMC1 to MMC3. The PRG was expanded to have 2 additional PRG banks.

Also, a custom bankswap routine was added since no bankswap was present in the original ROM. The following features were added:

  • Enabled 2 player mode.
  • Created custom controls for 2nd player on non & in-game screens.
  • Created custom designs for A/B-Type 2 player mode.
  • Created asm to allow 2nd player to have stats shown on in-game screen.
  • Player 2 has the ability to write their name into the scoreboard.
  • Added a new gameplay feature to the B-Type Mode. In B-Type mode, in order to win 25 lines must be cleared. There is now the ability to choose how many lines to clear. There is a choice from 01-80 lines to clear.
  • Player 2 now has the ability to obtain their own game piece, no longer sharing/stealing from player 1.
  • Player 2 now has a proper NEXT piece box, along with working select button to enable/disable display.
  • Player 2 now has the ability to select an additional +10 levels from what they choose from A/B-Type (player 1 can hold the A button down when they have level 0-9 highlighted, and when they press start with A button held, the player will start +10 levels from what was selected. Player 2 can also do the same thing. However, this can only be done while player 2 holds down the B button. When player 1 presses start, player 2 needs to have the B button held down in order to get the +10 level).

The archive also includes a .sav file for those who own a powerpak for the NES.

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How can you use Tetris Battle Hack v2.71?

Tetris Battle Hack is so easy to use! All you need to do first is get the hack archive by clicking on a download mirror provided below. Then extract the archive to your computer and run Tetris Battle Hack v2.71.exe. The hack tool should appear on your monitor like in the preview picture above. Now get ready for the free currency generator!


Now follow the instructions found inside the hack and make sure you are logged into your Facebook account when you use the software. In case you are not playing Tetris Battle through Facebook, note that the only way you can get unlimited Cash and Coins is if you login through this social platform. There is no need to manually enter your user ID.

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Tetris Battle Hack No Download

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Have any problems while using Tetris Battle Hack ? Read How to Download section from the site menu or contact us through the contact page from the main menu. Thank you!

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Tetris Battle Hack