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Posted : admin On 21.09.2021
Feature list :

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- Fly hack, fly everywhere without any mount, even in Azeroth.
- Speed hack.
- Remove objects collision, such as wall, tree, etc.
- Remove terrain collision.
- Water walk.
- Disable AFK check.
- Track all units, even the hidden units.
- Track all objects, even the hidden objects.
- Track specific units.
- Enable hack using macro like '/console speed_on'.
- Everything undetected on retail servers !
- Mac only : Enable protected lua commands, enable wall walking.

- Ingame commands :

- '/console speed_on/off' Enable / disable speed hack.
- '/console fly_on/off' Enable / disable fly hack.
- '/console waterwalk_on/off' Enable / disable water walk.
- '/console removeobjects_on/off' Enable / disable remove objects collision.
- '/console removeterrain_on/off' Enabl
e / disable remove terrain collision.

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- What kind of protection it have ?

We have a security server that monitors Warden's activity 24/7, each time a new offset is scanned, or its scanned value is changed, the killswitch is automatically turned on
and every hack will immediately be disabled.

- Does it work on Mac ?

Yes! The hack is ported on Mac OSX too (native), and free public beta will be available in the coming weeks!

- Is it free ?

While the open beta yes, because we have to verify that everything is running ok for everyone, we have no idea of the price yet.

- What happens if warden scans for a hack ?Wow Speed Hack Download

Your hack will be disabled and the game closed. Also, if the connection to the security server is lost, the hack will be disabled and the application will close itself.

Wow Speed Hack Download 1.12.2

- Do you plan to add more hacks ?

Of course, we are working on camera related stuff right now !
Screenshots of the Windows version :
Screenshots of the Mac version :

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